Easy Pasta Bake

Easy Pasta Bake | realmomkitchen.com

This recipe is so easy, but so delicious. This also qualifies as a 5 ingredient or less recipe. I adapted from another recipe I had. It needed some changes to make it the way my family likes it. You can use any type of pasta you want to. I usually use rotini or bow tie... Read More

Streusel Coffee Cake

My mom made this recipe for me when I was growing up all the time. It came from off a box of Bisquick. It’s delicious and simple. One tip I have, is when making the streusel topping, use a cheese grater and grate the butter into the mixture. I just grate a little and then... Read More

Freezer Hash Brown Casserole

Freezer Hash Brown Casserole | realmomkitchen.com

Freezer meals are pretty popular right now. We just tried this recipe that I got from my sister-in-law. So delicious. Of course my family objected to the peppers and onions in it. I think they made this dish absolutely wonderful. One problem with this recipe was after the meal was thawed, the cheese was mushy... Read More

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cookies

Here’s another zucchini recipe for those that like them. I still have zucchini coming out of my ears. I saw this recipe for Double Chocolate Zucchini Cookies from Stephanie at Fun Foods – On a Budget! These turned out yummy. Now Stephanie didn’t say how much chocolate chips she used in her recipe. I add... Read More

Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls | realmomkitchen.com

Have you ever seen somthing and think “Duh? Why didn’t I think of that?” When I saw this recipe from Christy at Southern Plate that’s exactly what I thought. When I saw this I thought, it’s basically sloppy joes with a pizza twist. Plus, this recipe is unbelieveably simple. Now, when I made this I... Read More

Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak

I have been trying to find a good salisbury steak recipe for a little while. Recently, I came across a recipe from Tina at Mommy’s Kitchen. It looked like it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to Tina, I now have a tried and true recipe for Salisbury Steak. It was easy and... Read More

Summer Spinach Salad

Summer Spinach Salad

I have had this great salad recipe for years now. Of course, it came from a favorite magazine of mine, Quick Cooking (now Simple and Delicious). When I first saw this recipe, I thought it sounded a little strange to put bananas in a green salad. I usually put them in a fruit salad, dessert,... Read More

Crockpot Southwestern Chicken Nachos

Crockpot Southwestern Chicken Nachos

I recently found this recipe from Erin at The Sisters Cafe. It sounded way too easy and tasty so I had to give it a try. I have added the word nachos on the end of the recipe, because to me, that’s more of what it is. I also have used red kidney beans insteadĀ of... Read More

Hootenannies (otherwise known as German Pancakes)

Hootenannies (aka German Pancakes) | realmomkitchen.com

Before I was married, I had never eaten a German pancake. After getting married, my husband told me how he loves a recipe for Hootenannies that his mom makes. I had never heard of Hootenannies. Come to find out that is what his family called German Pancakes. After making them, it has become a staple... Read More

Sunshine Jello Salad

I have had this recipe since I got married. This yummy layered jello salad recipe is a favorite. It’s so simple and so delicious, it could even qualify as a dessert. It’s different from any other jello recipe that I have. It makes a 9 x 13, but for my family, I put it into... Read More