Stitch Fix #27

So I am finally getting around to blogging about my latest Stitch Fix. I actually received it before Christmas which was perfect. I had some great new things to wear during the holidays. I was really thrilled with this fix. I actually kept a lot of the items. First was this Street Level Anchorage Diamond Printed... Read More

Stitch Fix #23

23 jeans |

Things were crazy over the holidays and I just haven’t had time to share my latest shipment from Stitch Fix. So better late than never. ZAD Harla Multi-Layer Beaded Necklace $38.00 – I loved this necklace but just couldn’t find something that I would like to wear it with that was in my closet. So... Read More

Stitch Fix #22

stitch fix 22 purple blouse |

In the spring, I switched my shipments to quarterly on Stitch Fix. I think it was great to do it monthly at first, just so they could get to know my style. But now, I really enjoy just getting them on a quarterly basis now. This is what I got in my latest shipment. ROSE... Read More

Stitch Fix #21

COLLECTIVE CONCEPTS Boregard Wavy Chevron Front Pocket Blouse

Recently, I changed my Stitch Fix shipments to quarterly. So, this month was the month to get my shipment. I got it at the first part of May. So here is what I got! PIXLEY Abi Colorblock Maxi Dress $88.00 – I thought for sure that I would love this one. I loved it in the... Read More

Stitch Fix #20

jeans Stitch Fix

I am a little late sharing my Stitch Fix from February. It’s been a little crazy around here due to my husbands surgery. I have also switched my shipments to quarterly right now because finances are tight at our house. So just a heads up that my next Stitch Fix fill not be coming until... Read More

Stitch Fix #19

Here is what I was sent in my latest fix. Can you believe I have received 19 shipments now? First was this burgundy Bowtie Front Seam Detail Dolman Top for $58. Funny thing about this one is I already had a shirt like this. It’s the exact same color and also a dolman style. So... Read More

Stitch Fix #18

Today, I am going to show you all what I got in my latest shipment from Stitch Fix. I must admit, I look forward to seeing what is sent each time. First was a MARKET AND SPRUCE Pegah Striped Long Sleeve Shirt for $34. I love the price but not the shirt. It looked like... Read More

Stitch Fix #16 and #17

stitch fix 16 blouse |

Ok, I got I little bit behind on my Stitch Fix posts, so I am sharing my last 2 shipments with you today. First up is my 16th shipment. I was sent this blue Kristine Woven Tassel Satchel for $68. If you ask my husband, he would tell you I kind of love handbags a... Read More

Stitch Fix #15

This was probably the most disappointing fix I have received in a while, but there was a gem included that I feel in love with. AKIRA DIAMOND SHAPED HOOP EARRINGS $28.00 – These just we not me at all. They were way too big and reminded me of earrings I wore in Junior High, so... Read More

Stitch Fix #14

I am sharing my latest Stitch Fix with you all today! KRISSY BLACK SKINNY PANT $88.00 – I was kind of bummed to see this in my shipment. I was just sent some black pants like this a few months ago. I tried them on and they fir ok. They are very skinny, skinny jeans,... Read More