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Pumpkin Scones (Utah Version)

Scones are something I grew up on, that is the Utah version of scones. Unlike regular scones made with  a biscuit-like dough with butter, Utah scones are made with yeast dough and are fried. They are more similar to a New Orleans beignet. There are many ways to enjoy a Utah scone. The two most... Read More

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

It’s time for pumpkin week, a week that I look forward to each year. Pumpkin is one of those fall flavors that I love. It also let’s me know we are getting close to my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving. I love pumpkin in about any form with the exception of pumpkin pie. I have never... Read More

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

So I didn’t tell you yesterday, but this whole week is soup week. The weather has finally turned to fall here in Utah and I love to serve soup for dinner once we get to that point. I love coming in from the cool crisp autumn air to a nice bowl of soup. This soup... Read More

Copycat Cafe Zupa’s Chicken Enchilada Chili

Cafe Zupa's Chicken Enchilada Chili |

Both my friend and I love Cafe Zupa’s. This is a wonderful chain restaurant that all began in Utah that serves soups, saldas, and sandwiches. Food Network star Kelsey Nixon even help develop the original menu and recipes. So my friend’s favorite soup from there is their Chicken Enchilada Chili. The other day she was... Read More

Smoked Gouda and Roast Beef Grilled Cheese

I have another grilled sandwich to share with you this week. This one uses smoked gouda for the cheese – which I LOVE! It has a nice creamy and smoky flavor. It works so well to add some nice flavor to a grilled cheese. Then this sandwich also uses roast beef and caramelized red onion.... Read More

Creamy Lemon Rosemary Chicken

I am always on the look out for new ways to cook chicken. I love that it is something that can be used with just about any flavor combination. This is a skillet version with incorporates 2 flavors that are oven used when roasting chicken – lemon and rosemary. However, cream is also aded in... Read More

Bacon Egg Salad Sandwiches

Bacon Egg Salad Sandwiches |

Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, ahhhhh, bacon! Bacon is one of those ingredients that can totally make a difference when added to any recipe. It’s savory flavor is like no other. Well today is #internationalbaconday . Bacon is most definitely worthy of a day of celebration. It is wonderful by itself but great as an ingredient... Read More

Cheesy Pesto Pasta

Easy Cheesy Pesto Pasta |

School is in session. My baby girl is in 9th grade now and my other two boys are in college! Time flies and can’t believe I am old enough to be where I am in life right now. Well, I have a super quick dinner for you today. Perfect for one of those busy school... Read More

Peach Lemonade and 23 Other Peach Recipes

Peach Lemonade |

One thing that I look forward to every August is peach season in Utah. That is the time of year that I really get to enjoy peaches! Well, did you know that today is #eatapeachday ? So in an effort to help you all enjoy this wonderful prime peach time of year, I have worked... Read More

Chicken Salad Sandwiches – Kneaders Copycat

Kneaders Copycat Chicken Salad Sandwich |

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Summer is almost over so they needed me for a few hours yesterday at the school that I work for and I also had my last kids cooking class in my home for the summer. Since it was a busy morning, I planned on get my post up... Read More