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Fun News to Share

Gordon Milar Sopia Model

So I have some fun news that I wanted to share with all of you. After living for just over 20 years in our current home, we have decided that it is time to move! We have been wanting to move for years now but just never found what we thought would be best for... Read More

Mrs. Fields Moments and My Hero

Mrs Fields #shareyourhero | realmomk

Mrs. Fields® is searching for America’s hometown heroes to appear on future boxes of Mrs. Fields® cookies. You can share your Hero and today I am sharing mine with all of you. My hero is my daughter, who we have lovingly nicknamed Sassy! The girl was born with an energetic spunky attitude which has definitely... Read More

My Busy Life

My Busy Life

So there is no menu plan Monday post again this week.  Between my Eggo posts and home life, I just haven’t had time.  We had spring break and just before our break, my sweet little daughter had a crazy tic going on. She has tics frequently and can get bad ones but this one is... Read More