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My New Home – Flooring

COREtec Alabaster oak

When picking the flooring out for a new home, the builder included hardwood floors. However, after discussing things with Bowcutt Flooring, we chose a laminate over a hardwood. COREtec laminate flooring is a higher end flooring and costs as much as getting hardwood. However, it doesn’t require the maintenance that a hardwood floor does and... Read More

My New Home – Window Coverings

When selecting the window coverings for my new home, I knew I wanted shutters for my main floor, but wasn’t sure of what I wanted for my basement. I scheduled appointments with several different companies to come and give me bids. Ultimately, the company I liked the best and offered the best price for me... Read More

My New Home – Dining Room Table

So as we were in the process of building our home, I was on the look out for a new dining room table. My current one at the time was oak and really wasn’t going to fit with my new white kitchen with grey walls and black accents. So I looked around, unable to find... Read More

My New Home – Lighting

This week I still have more to share with you about my new home. I promise to get back to the recipes next week. With most of my house, we opted for can lighting as the main lighting through most of the house with the exclusion of bathrooms and 4 of the 5 bedrooms. We... Read More

My New Kitchen – Dishwasher

asko dishwasher in island |

Today is the last post of my new kitchen appliances and it’s an important one – the dishwasher. So when doing my research, I was all set on purchasing a Bosch dishwasher. However, once I went in and talked with my friend Lance at RC Willey he suggested an ASKO dishwasher instead. They also had... Read More

My New Kitchen – Refrigerator

LG Fridge door-in-door |

Today’s appliance is the one that I was most excited about – the refrigerator. I have had a traditional top mount fridge and a side-by-side fridge in the past. There are things I love about them and things that I didn’t like. So I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted this time... Read More

My New Kitchen – Microwave

LG microwave |

Today’s appliance is probably the most simple straight forward one of all the ones in my new kitchen. It’s the microwave. I went with LG again for this and got their Stainless Steel 2.0 Cu. Ft. Counter Top Microwave. Now even though this is a counter top microwave, I had a place in my cabinetry... Read More

My New Kitchen – Oven

LG Stainless Steel Slide In Oven |

So I am so glad to finally be in my new house and in my new kitchen. We are still getting settled and unpacked. It’s a process moving stuff for 5 people. So I’m not quick ready to share pictures of my entire new kitchen yet, but this week I thought I would share with... Read More

Best Products for Cleaning Floors

Best Products for Cleaning Floors |

Today I am continuing my cleaning recommendations and we are talking floors. Everyone needs a vacuum. I have tried several over the years. I have tried expensive brands to less expensive brands. I have tried vacuums you pick up at the store and ones from a door to door sales company. After these years with... Read More

Best Products for Cleaning Surfaces

Best Products for Cleaning Surfaces |

As many of you know we are building a new house. This, or course, means moving and selling our current home. Prepping my home for listing it to sell has been quite a task and has taken up a lot of my time, giving me less time in the kitchen. With all this prepping and... Read More