Super Soft Playdough

I have another playdough recipe for ya today. This one is NOT edible but is just as easy to make as the recipe I shared yesterday. It only takes 2 ingredients to make and they are items you should have in the house – cornstarch and  hair conditioner. Kind of crazy, but it works. The... Read More

Easy Edible Playdough

Easy Edible Playdough |

About mid July is when my kids start to get bored with summer. We usually have done all the fun things that we have wanted to do and I have to get creative to help occupy their time. When we get to this point, it’s the perfect time to get in the kitchen and make... Read More

Uncle Sam’s Hat made from produce

Uncle Sam's Hat made using produce |

Today is the last post of a series that I have been doing with the Marzetti® brand. I have been sharing fun creations all made from fruits or vegetables. What I have for you in this post is perfect to use at your upcoming 4th of July celebration. It would be the most amazing centerpiece on... Read More

Fruit and Veggie Robot & Marzetti Ranch Dip

How to make a Fruit and Veggie Robot |

Mom probably told you when you were young not to “play with your food”. Well, today, this mom is gonna tell you to do the exact opposite. I have teamed up with the Marzetti® brand for a fun series that I will share over the next few months. I am gonna show you how to “produce” some fun... Read More