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Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Bars

Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Bars |

Today’s recipe combines apple pie the the ever popular snickerdoodle cookie. Plus, only 6 ingredients are needed to make it. This is a great one to make with the kids. A snickerdoodle cookie is the perfect companion for apple since it gets along so well with cinnamon! This was another baking success and hit with... Read More

Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Apple Pie Egg Rolls |

It’s is apple week this week here at RMK! Fall is my most favorite season and I love the flavors of the season too. So I have all apple recipes lined up for this week. Then, I have a pumpkin week planned for October. This recipe takes the flavors of apple pie and incorporates them... Read More

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies and Mount Rushmore

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies |

Smucker’s, Adams, and Laura Scudder’s Natural Peanut Butters have partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for a Make a Natural Difference Photo Promotion. The NPB/NPCA are encouraging us all to get active and visit a local community park or one of the many national parks by October 8th. Then, you can enter the Make a Natural Difference Photo... Read More

One Pot Penne Pasta

One Pot Penne Pasta |

I really am enjoying the whole idea of recipes that can be made in one pot. It makes clean up a lot easier. Today’s recipe is a tasty pasta dish all made in one pot. I absolutely love this dish. Some of my family didn’t appreciate the creaminess of the ricotta that get mixed in.... Read More

Fresh Peach Cobbler

Fresh Peach Cobbler |

I love it when peach season hits in Utah. Firs,t because I love fresh peaches and second, because it means it is almost officially fall season. Fall is my FAVORITE season of all. I love fall fashion, fall food, fall weather, fall colors! Plus, my most favorite holiday is in the fall – Thanksgiving! Peaches... Read More

Roasted Garlic Alfredo Tortellini

Roasted Garlic Alfredo Tortellini |

My favorite sauce for pasta is alfredo sauce. Today, I am sharing a quick way to make a great alfredo sauce from scratch and serve it over tortellini. This is a fun change from the usual fettuccine. My husband loves garlic and this recipe uses to whole head of garlic. However, the garlic is roasted... Read More

Key Lime Pie Fudge

Key Lime Pie Fudge

It is the last day of fudge week and we are ending with a good one.  A while back, I shared a key lime pie fudge from an etsy shop in a Fab Five post. Well, several of you shared links with me to recipes you can make on your own at home and I... Read More

Orange Dream Fudge

When I think of Christmas, one of the smells I always think of is the smell of oranges.  Santa always left an orange in the toe of our stocking!  Since oranges remind me so much of Christmas I had to do an orange fudge for fudge week. This is a cooked version, but an easy... Read More

S’mores Fudge

It’s fudge week on RMK.  Yes, I know that I usually begin a theme week on a Monday, but I ended up with 6 recipes and needed an extra day.  I know what a predicament to be in, too many fudge recipes.  Now I could have done the fudge into the following Saturday, but hey,... Read More

Hot Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider |

Here is another hot drink for ya!  This is your basic hot cider with some spices added for extra flavor.  I really love this combination.  It also quick to make so you’ll be warming up in no time as you sip on this. Print Hot Apple Cider   Ingredients 6 cups apple cider ¼ cup... Read More