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Teriyaki Sliders

September 2, 2009 5:47 am Published by 10 Comments

We went on vacation this Summer with my parents. While we were there, I was looking at an issue of Family Circle that my mom brought with her. The issue had a bunch a recipes I wanted to try and this recipe happen to be one of them. However, we made it a little bit... Read More

Tasty Burritos

September 1, 2009 5:49 am Published by 9 Comments

I can’t remember exactly how I came across this recipe. I think it came in an email or something from Taste of Home. It’s a quick and easy recipe. There really isn’t anything exciting about the ingredients. However, the way you cook this burrito is different, you fry it. So I think this is technically... Read More

sweet steak bites |

Sweet Grilled Steak Bites

August 28, 2009 7:02 am Published by 6 Comments

Here is a great grilling recipe. I found it on It requires marinating time, but is well worth it. These were tender and tasty! It does call for Greek seasoning, which is a mixture of onion, garlic, oregano, and a touch of mint. If you don’t have any Greek seasoning and don’t want to... Read More

Zucchini Bread with Dried Cranberries

August 27, 2009 5:42 am Published by 5 Comments

I got another zucchini recipe for ya today. This one is a bread with dried cranberries. The recipe comes from Two Peas and A Pod. She took a recipe she already had but altered it to include whole wheat flour, applesauce, and the dried cranberries. So this is a healthier version of a zucchini bread... Read More

Applesauce BBQ Sauce Shredded Pork |

Applesauce BBQ Sauce Shredded Pork

August 26, 2009 5:58 am Published by 19 Comments

Last week on Good Things Utah, a local television show, they had “T” on from Q4U. Q4U is a bbq restaurant that’s in Taylorsville. I think they were originally located in West Valley. Anyway, I haven’t eaten there, but I hear it’s good. And “T” has competed in many bbq contests and won. So I... Read More

Bowtie Chicken Pasta Salad

August 25, 2009 5:49 am Published by 5 Comments

Most chicken pasta salads that I have had in the past are all made with a creamy dressing. I was really excited when I found I recipe that uses a vinaigrette dressing, I had to try it. I found it on an online magazine that I recently discovered after attending Summer Social Retreat ’09. The... Read More

Zucchini Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

August 24, 2009 5:57 am Published by 10 Comments

Hopefully no one is getting sick of my zucchini recipes yet. I just have so much zucchini and have several great new recipes I’ve found, I can’t help but share. This one is excellent. It is a great dessert to help you transition in to fall with the wonderful spice flavors. I found it through... Read More

Chicken Caesar Pita Wraps

August 21, 2009 6:23 am Published by 3 Comments

Today is another recipe that you can use with the soft wrap bread, but pitas work well if you don’t want to make the wrap bread. A little while ago I was contacted by a company called Barhyte Specialty Foods who produces a food line called “Saucy Mama”. They sent some of their products to... Read More