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Complete your holiday meal with the perfect, homemade dessert or give a gift to the baker on your list!  Whether you prefer a traditional pie or a trendy take on classic cake, Babycakes has the perfect appliance for you, your family, or that special person on your Christmas list. The Babycakes line makes it easy for anyone to create gourmet treats in no time! Take the stress out of preparing a gourmet dessert to top off your perfect holiday meal by using one of the many Babycakes products available. Every sweet tooth is sure to be pleased. The possibilities are endless with Babycakes! Impress your guests quickly and easily with gourmet desserts by Babycakes.

Babycakes sent me their cake pop maker.  The cake pop maker makes cake pops with just cake.  No need to create balls with cake mixed with frosting. It is also perfect for making baked donut holes and frittars.

When I was trying to figure out what to make with my new babycakes cake pop maker, I found they have additional recipes on their website.  I settled on a recipe I found there for ebelskivers – aka Danish pancakes. I have wanted to make ebelskivers for a while know but didn’t have the ebelskiver pan.  Oh I have been missing out!

They are kind of like german pancakes but light and fluffier.  These are little pillows of goodness.  I gave them a light coating of powdered sugar and we dipped them in warmed jam!  Two of my kids loved them so much they voted to forgo our usually Christmas morning breakfast and have these instead.

You can make 12 cake pops or donut holes in just minutes.  The non-stick coating makes baking and clean up fun and easy. The Babycakes cake pop maker comes complete with all the accessories you need to bake and decorate cake pops or donut holes. The manual includes a variety of tips and recipes that will help you get the most out of this product. The cake pop maker features power and ready lights, convenient cord wrap, latching handle and it comes with a supply of cake pop sticks.

I can’t wait to try some donuts whole recipes next!  This was fun and easy to use.

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7 comments on “Babycakes Review

  • Can you use frozen chicken, or any meat straight in the crock pot

  • I got the Babycakes cake pop maker and it is wonderful!! You can pop those babies out on no time! I made over 100 cakepops for a party and I am so glad that I had the maker to be able to do it or else it would have taken me soooo much longer! What I found that really helped was a little ice cream scoop to pour the batter in the holes to really speed it up.

  • I bought one of these several weeks ago and haven’t used it yet. I was just wondering though, does everyone else’s machine have quite a bit of movement in the top part of the machine when it is closed, like mine does? I guess I’m thinking it should be more firm, like a waffle machine and how it doesn’t move around at all.
    I need to go to Babycakes’ website to see what I need to be baking in my Cakepops maker!

  • I have had the donut maker for awhile now and would recommend it highly! They taste a little different ’cause they aren’t cooked in grease but are good!Can’t wait to try this machine-I think these cake pops are so neat, and donut holes are yummy! Thanks Laura for the info.

  • I’ve looked at the donut maker to make healthy homemade donuts (healthy just meaning baked instead of fried). I didn’t think about this one for ebelskivers! My husband’s family is Danish. This would be fun!!

  • I have these these in my local walmart (or something similar) and wondered how well they worked! i think i might just have to get one now!! thnx!

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