Fab Five After School Snacks

I remember while growing up, coming home from school and making after school snacks.  One I loved as a young child was peanut butter balls rolled in cornflakes.  I was recently asked by tablespoon.com to create a collections of recipes.  I chose to do after school snacks and and used those peanut butter balls rolled in cornflakes as my inspiration for the first recipe I made for the collection.

I decided to go with the flavors of marshmallow and peanut butter to create this simple Fluffer Nutter Bites.  The collection I created is all simple recipes you can create or your kiddos can make.  They are all 5 ingredients or less.  Plus, 4 of the 5 recipes are no bake.  So today’s fab five is the collection of 5 after school snack recipes over at tablespoon.com.  You get a sneak peak at the Fluffer Nutter Bites, but will have to go to the link to see the rest.  Hope you enjoy them!

This post is sponsored by Tablespoon. All opinions are my own.

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