Recipe Contest at Saucy Eats!!!!!!!!

It’s Contest Time at SITS!!!!!

What does SITS it stands for???? The Secrets in the Sauce Just click on the link and read the post and you will know what it’s all about. I am entering a Recipe Contest at The Secrets in the Sauce – Recipes. The top 10 chosen by (Heather & Tiffany with help from an actual professional chef) will go up to a public vote. So you guys gotta give me your vote if I make it to the top 10. The Prize……. $100 Gift Card to Williams-Sonoma and a New Digital Camera. Both things that I could use.

The recipe has to be “somewhat original” according to the rules. So I entered my recipe for Potato Salad. Just click that to see the entire recipe. It is one recipe that I totally created on my own.

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