Christmas Morning Pie and other breakfast ideas

So now that I have given you ideas for Christmas Dinner, over the next few days I will be sharing breakfast ideas for Christmas morning.  I am a big lover of breakfast.  I could have a nice big breakfast or brunch and be set until dinner.

Today’s recipe is a yummy breakfast pie  that I adapted from a recipe I found on  The pie has green and red peppers in it that make it look nice and Christmasy.  It is so easy and so tasty.  I even put some sliced mushrooms on half of one of the pies.  I love mushrooms with eggs.  That portion of the pie didn’t look as Christmasy as the rest but was delish.  You could cook the sausage ahead of time and have your peppers all chopped  then just assemble the pie in the morning and bake.

Then today I am also going to share with you my other favorite egg dishes.  I tried to narrow it down to 10, but I ended up with 11.  They really are all fabulous.

Lion House Quiche Lorraine – my all-time favorite quiche.  It has a little lemon in it that really complements the layers of flavors in this dish.

Southwest Egg Puff – so simple and with a little zip from green chilies.  An excellent choice if you want an egg dish with no meat.

Mini Ham Quiches – very easy to make and fun to have a mini version.

Freezer Hash Brown Casserole – you can make this today and keep it in your freezer until right before Christmas, then thaw and bake.

Crustless Quiche – another easy dish.  This is one dish I hear from others on all the time about who they love it.

Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll – a fun way to serve up an omelet to 12 people without all the work.  Plus it looks amazing.

Brunch Pizza Squares – a fun and yummy breakfast pizza.

Baked Swiss and Sausage Omelet – another easy way to make an omelet for several people.

Breakfast Casserole – like a strata and made with sausage.

Baked Oven Omelet – like the breakfast casserole above but made with ham.  This one is a family recipe from my mom.

Hash Brown Quiche – a yummy version of a quiche made with hash browns as the base.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with one more yummy egg dish and share with you some great drink recipes along with a few fruit dishes to accompany your breakfast.

Christmas Morning Pie |

Christmas Morning Pie and other breakfast ideas
  • 1 (12 oz roll) pork sausage with sage (I used Jimmy Dean)
  • 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 2 (9 inch) unbaked frozen pastry shells
  • 6 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 cup milk
  • ⅓ cup chopped onion
  • ⅓ cup chopped sweet red pepper
  • ⅓ cup chopped green pepper
  1. Cook onion and sausage in a skillet until sausage is fully cooked.
  2. Drain sausage and mix in cheese.
  3. Place half of mixture in each frozen pastry shell.
  4. Combine peppers in a bowl. Sprinkle half on the mixture evenly over each pie.
  5. Combine eggs and milk together. Pour half of the mixture over each pie.
  6. Bake at 350 degrees F for 55-60 minutes or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean.
  7. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting. Makes 2 pies.


christmas morning pie 6 450christmas morning pie 8 450

These are the original photos from this post. The above photo was updated in December 2016.



6 comments on “Christmas Morning Pie and other breakfast ideas

  • a bunch of really nice breakfast recipes… 🙂

  • How many egges are in the French Toast Souffle recipe posted in the comment by Beth C???

  • Thank You for all the Christmas Morning Recipes! They look wonderful!

  • French Toast Souffle

    10 cups of cubed thick white bread
    8oz. block of low-fat cream cheese, softened
    1 1/2 cups low-fat milk
    2/3 cup half n half
    1/2 cup pure maple syrup
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1/2 tsp almond extract
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    2 tbs powdered sugar
    3/4 cup pure maple syrup

    place bread cubes in a 13 x 9 casserole dish after spraying with cooking spray. Beat cream cheese until smooth, then add the eggs, milk, half n half, 1/2 cup syrup, vanilla, almond and cinnamon…mix until smooth. Pour mixture over top of bread and cover. Keep in fridge overnight.

    The next morning, take out of fridge and sit at room temperature for 30 min. Bake at 375 for 50 min or until set. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve w/ syrup.

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