Frito Lay Winners

Here is the long list of winners of the Frito Lays new Garden Tomato and Basil Chips.  I will send you all an email asking for you mailing info.

The Royal Cook  – Woo Hoo! I get to be the first to enter! I would love to try the pita chip tuna melts.

Shannon W – Clearly the bacon chocolate cupcakes. Bacon+chocolate+cupcakes?? yes please!

Karen – Love tuna with a crisp to it. Think the pita tuna melts would be yummy and nutritious!

Kendra  – Yeah! I would try the red pepper pesto brushetta!

Jessie  – The pita chip tuna melts would be my first pick!

Mallory S. – The Southwest black bean dip— sooo yummy! I’m excited to try the garden tomato and basil chips as well 🙂

Debbie P – I’d love to try the Southwest Black Bean Dip!

Katie – I want to try Southwest Blackbean dip.

Chelsea R – southwest black bean dip sounds like something I could try.

MaryAnn Grove – I clearly want to make the collard greens, my mom used to make this for us, but never wrote down the recipe. I sure miss them. I will be trying them this week. thnks…

Coralee – The Southwest Black Bean dip sounds the best to me… I’m a chocolate purist, I’m afraid!

Cheryl Newton – Red Pepper Pesto Bruschetta


Brindy  -I would love to try the Southwest Black Bean Dip…yummy!

mandy – I would love to try the red pepper pesto brushchetta!

Kay – Wow! Difficult decision–Red Pepper Pesto Bruschetta

Cindi – I’d try the Pita Chip Tuna Melts first, I think.

Dezi A – Hmm… Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes? Sounds very interesting!!

Danyelle – I think I’d be most likely to try the tuna melts.

Jen – Oooooooh! Black bean dip.. yum!

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