I Love You Breakfast Parfaits

I know Valentine’s Day is a month away, but I am gonna help you get ready for it this week with some yummy breakfast recipes.  Since Valentine’s will fall on a Monday this year, I thought why not celebrate a little early with a yummy breakfast for your loved ones.  You could surprise your sweetie with a breakfast in bed or make a fun breakfast for the whole family.

Obviously,  these meals would also work for any old time and I love to make breakfast for dinner often.  Then as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, I plan on having some dinner ideas along with some fabulous desserts.  If you have been watching your waistline like me since the beginning of the year, I think Valentine’s is a great time to enjoy a little treat.  I always think the best diet is one of moderation and proper portions.

Today, I have a simple breakfast recipe for you.  If you want to do something special but keep it simple this is the perfect fit.  This would also be excellent to accompany some of the other recipes I will share.  This yogurt parfait brings the flavors of sweet and spicy together.  I found this recipe on a Betty Crocker coupon flyer I got at a store.  I never would have thought to use cinnamon toast crunch in a yogurt parfait but it really worked.  I now want to make my yogurt parfaits with all kinds of cereals.

I Love You Breakfast Parfaits

  1. Cut 6 of the strawberries into 4 slices each. Place 6 strawberry slices in each of 2 parfait glasses. Sprinkle 1/4 cup cereal over strawberries. Pour about 1/3 cup yogurt over cereal.
  2. Make another layer of strawberries, cereal and yogurt. Top each sundae with whole strawberry. Serve immediately.
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