Best Meatless Main Dish Recipes of 2010

It’s the best meatless main dishes of 2010 today.  I hope you are enjoying this year in review this week.  Going back helped me remember some really good recipes and reminded me I need to make them again.

Best Meatless Main Dishes of 2010

#1 is Super Bean Burritos

This has turned into a family favorite.  My kids say they taste like a meatless Cafe Rio burrito.  I also have made these with a scoop of my sweet pork inside each burrito too.

#2  is Baked Manicotti

This recipe will rival any version found at a good Italian restaurant.  Won ton wrappers are used as the pasta.  It’s divine!

#3 is Zucchini Marinara Subs

This was my favorite meal this summer, a sandwich filled with zucchini.  It’s basically like a meatball sub with the meatballs being replaced with zucchini.  Quick, easy, and delicious!  I would make up a batch and keep it in the fridge for a quick and yummy lunch.

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