Nutella Crepes

After my trip to Napa, I kept thinking, ok let’s say dreaming, about the nutella crepes that Jeffrey Saad shared with us.  I love crepes and love nutella, but never had them together.  For me it was a bite of heaven.  I could not get those crepes out of my mind.  So I had to make them one night.  I like them when they are nice and warm.  The crepe is delicate and spongy.  It’s divine people!  Want more crepes?  Here are some other ideas.

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Be sure to join me next week.  We will be talking recipes to serve for Christmas breakfast.  To start off the week, I will have another recipe for you that involves nutella!  It’s my new addiction.

Nutella Crepes

  • 3  oz  butter
  • 2  each  large eggs
  • 1  each egg yolk
  • ½ cup water
  • 1  cup  milk
  • ¼  tsp salt
  • 1  cup  all-purpose flour
  • ½  cup  Nutella
  • *Optional Toppings: Strawberries, powdered sugar

1.  Melt the butter in a medium non-stick pan.  Once the butter is melted, continue to cook until golden brown. Turn off heat. The residual heat will make the butter a little browner so err on the side of golden brown vs. dark before you turn the heat off.

2.  In a medium bowl crack the eggs.  Add water, milk and salt and gently whisk to combine.   Add flour and whisk just to combine until smooth.

3. While whisking the mixture slowly, pour the brown butter into the mix.  You can strain the mixture to remove any lumps or use as is if the lumps are minor.

4. Using a paper towel, wipe out the same non-stick pan you used to melt the butter.  Heat the pan over medium heat.

5. Using a ⅓ measuring cup, scoop the batter and pour into the center of the hot pan.  Using a rotating motion with your wrist, swirl the batter around to the edges of the pan. The thinner the better.  Set the pan back on the heat to cook. After 2 minutes use a rubber spatula to lift the edge and flip the crepe over.  Cook on the other side for 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on how golden brown you like them.

6. Slide the crepe onto a plate and spread with 1 tablespoon Nutella (or as much as you like!).  Fold the crepe in half.  Then fold in half again to form a triangle. You can also just roll the crepe up loosely like a carpet.

7.  Eat as is or sprinkle with strawberries and powdered sugar.  Enjoy!

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