White Chocolate Berry Smoothie

I have a great giveaway for today thanks to MyBlogSpark.  They have provided a “Get Healthy” Yoplait gift set and sampling. The giveaway includes a stylish sports bag, sports towel, ear buds and two free coupons* for any flavor of the new YoPlus Light yogurt.  I also got the same gift and have been enjoying my yogurt.
With only 70 calories, YoPlus Light contains a special blend of probiotic cultures, 3 grams of natural dietary fiber and the same great taste you expect from Yoplait. Even better, YoPlus Light is now available in three new delicious flavors – Key Lime Pie, Honey Vanilla and Strawberry Banana – and is already available in supermarkets nationwide.  I got the Key Lime Pie.  I also got a package of the regular YoPlus in the blackberry pomegranate flavor.  I also created a recipe for a smoothie to share with you today that uses the blackberry pomegranate flavor. In my blog archive, I also have a smoothie recipe for a Key Lime Pie Smoothie that would work great for the key lime pie flavor.
I love the idea of yogurt with probiotic cultures in it.  When ever my daughter get the stomach flu it throws her whole digestive system out of whack.  I usually have to go buy a bottle of probiotic supplements, but not anymore.  I can simply give her YoPlus yogurt, which she already loves.
In order to enter the giveaway for the “Get Healthy” gift, leave a comment on this post about how you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This giveaway is open to US residents.  Deadline to enter is Sunday Oct 18 at midnight (Mountain Standard Time).  I must say I love to have a smoothie made with great yogurt for breakfast to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

*Please note: These free coupons are not valid in Louisiana, Nevada and North Dakota.

Additionally, you can now download a $1.00 off coupon for YoPlus Light here: https://bricks.coupons.com/bstart.asp?o=57800&ci=1&c=GM&p=4XeBjIEi

YoPlus White Chocolate Berry Smoothie

1 container of YoPlus  blackberry pomegranate yogurt
1 yogurt container of skim milk
1 yogurt container full of frozen triple berry mix fruit
1 tbsp. sugar free dry white chocolate pudding mix

Put your yogurt in a blender.  Save the container the yogurt came in to measure out a container full of skim milk and frozen berries.  Then add dry pudding mix and blend until smooth.  At this point if you would like a thicker consistency add a few pieces of ice and blend again.

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102 comments on “White Chocolate Berry Smoothie

  • I try to make sure I always plan out a dinner menu each week to cut back on the amount of times we eat out!! I strongly believe this makes a huge difference with my WHOLE family! I also enjoy running outside for some great excercise! Thanks so much!!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by trying to cook most things from scratch, eating lots of fish and veggies, and by getting up 3 times a week at 5am for a long beach walk followed by a killer uphill dune march!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly….I have some great 6 AM running buddies! I also try to cook with lots of wholesome ingredients…not prepackaged.

  • Our family has decided that eating out is a luxury and not a necessity. By cutting out fast food and saving the eating out for special occasions we are making a healthy choice for our bodies as well as our pocketbook. Plus I can say we eat around our dinner table as a family daily, so it is healthy for our commitment to our family relationships!

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our family by going on 'family walks' where we all walk together as a team. We also try to make as many made from scratch meals and also like to enjoy a variety of salads together.

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in our family by going on 'family walks' where we all walk together as a team (3-4 times a week). We also try to make as many made from scratch meals and also like to enjoy a variety of salads together.

  • My biggest goal is to be a good example for my kids by making a healthy lifestyle fun. Exercise is fun when you disguise it by chasing a ball or a frisbee and doing it as a family. Seeing how many different colors you can eat for dinner makes eating a variety of veggies entertaining. Exercise and eating right is the foundation to my healthy lifestyle.

  • My healthy lifestyle involves eating yogurt & eliminating products from my diet that have high fructose corn syrup in them (which means less pre-packaged foods). 🙂 Trying to get back into exercising after having a baby a few weeks ago.

  • I try to maintain lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and taking time out each day for myself.

  • I have a smoothie for breakfast every day. Also, after my cup of coffee in the morning, it water til bedtime. Unless of course, there's a glass of wine in there instead 🙂

  • Yogurt is a regular part of my healthy life style. I also try to walk 3 miles a day to keep my blood sugar regulated. I am a new diabetic and have made some big changes in order to live a healthier life stlye.

  • i try to eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, and get plenty of sleep!!!

  • lots of fruits and veggies, exercise 5 days a week, drink water, and take a multivitamin

  • Thank you for the information on MyBlogSpark. I have now joined as well. I love your blog. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making healthy food choices and exercising regularly. 🙂

  • I try hard to pick healthy subsitutions when cooking so my family doesn't notice the reduced calories and fat.

  • Getting up very early every morning no matter the weather to go exercise has always been a goal. And after running 4 marathons and many other races it seems the best thing for me to eat is a yogurt. It is my breakfast every morning after my run. The best thing for my tummy.

  • Climbing out of bed very early to exercise no matter the weather has always been a goal. And almost every morning after a run I grab my yogurt. Best thing for my tummy at that time. Linda

  • Hmm, I'm no expert at healthy lifestyle. With my IBS I could certainly stand to eat more yogurt (TMI, sorry!)

  • My healthy lifestyle consists of getting up early, telling my reflection in the mirror, "you are amazing!", reading a good book, loving my grandchildren, and just being thankful for life.

  • We consume a lot of yogurt…and love to make smoothies too.

  • I make sure I drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep at night.

  • I changed my eating habits- joined weight watchers…and walk my puppers leo and griffey everyday..they need the exercise too..and they love walking thru the parkway..gets me out..gets me motivated..I love to bake..so I have been cutting calories in my goods…with egg beaters..applesauce- and helping my whole family eat healthier…they dont know it..haha..but they love it all!!
    thank you~

  • honestly i am not always the best at a healthy life-style, but i do try and run a couple times a week. (doesn't always happen) we do eat lots of fresh fruits but not enough veggies. one thing my family does love is yogurt. we always have plenty on hand at our house. and we all love smoothies.

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by not eating out and limiting the prepackaged items I eat. I also try to fit in exercise when I can.

  • I'm just getting into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have a goal to lose 35 lbs and for a month I have been working out (P90X) everyday with a friend. I can tell I have gotten stronger and have more stamina then before.

    I am beginning to start the eating healthy part. My husband is getting into working out now and wants to eat healthy too. So, we are starting learn and experiment with things because working out can only do so much.

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by cooking from scratch and walking as much as I can.

  • I have really been into smoothies for breakfast yesterday.
    I actually add a couple handfuls of raw spinach to my smoothie and it gives it an extra boost of nutrients.
    It does change the color, but if you can get past that, it doesn't alter the taste at all.

  • I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog!!! You have wonderful recipes that I have written out and will definitely try!! We have very similar taste:)

  • I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking plenty of water daily, as well as practicing portion control when eating. It can be difficult to know when to stop, as taking seconds is often tempting, but listening to your body when you are full is so important.

  • I recently had my gallbladder removed, so it's important to keep my digestive system in control. Eating yogart is heathly, yet it is good for my body. I try to exercise 4 times during the week at the gym and doing a exercise tape at home. I have 2 toddlers that keep me active! I have cut red meat and white flour out of my diet. I LOVE yogart and enjoy making smoothies!! I can't wait to try this receipe! Yummy. 🙂

  • I workout every day for about 1 hour and try to eat healthy. And I have started teaching my children the importance of eating healthy.

  • I exercise regularly and have balanced meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat healthy foods, drinking lots of water and walking 1-2 times daily.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat reasonably healthy, getting enough sleep, and staying mentally sane 🙂

  • I think a balance when eating is the best!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by working exercise into my daily life and eating healthy foods.

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and veggies with every meal. We buy our yogurt at costco and go through a case a week. Our kids love fruits and veggies. They have always had healthy eating habits. I like to buy fruits in the summer on sale and individually quick freeze them (like berries) so we have them in the freezer to make smoothies for breakfast.

  • I stay healthy by trying to exercise every day and cooking good food for my family!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by only drinking water and milk even on the few occasions we eat out.

  • Does it count if you want to start living a healthier life?! If I could lose wait running my kids back and forth from school, I would be invisible LOL!. I try to eat the best I can, but the excercise thing I haven't mastered yet. Maybe this gift would motivate me?!

  • I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy, balanced meals. Like today I did a Zumba class and tomorrow I'll be doing a circuit training class as well as pilates. Whee!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by my all-time favorite Turbo Kick Boxing and cooking as many vegetable dishes as I can think of!

  • I exercise regularly.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating smaller portions than my appetite would probably like!

  • We've been trying not to go out to eat as often, which is something that's really hard for our busy family!

  • I've been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by jogging in the morning.


  • We try and exercise everyday. It doesn't happen every day but we try!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and get plenty of sleep. We love to eat yogurt in our family especially those wonderful smoothies!!

  • I exercise and eat right, mostly avoiding fried food and sugar. Also drink lots of water!!

  • I plan exercise at least three times per week and eat a modified "Paleolithic" diet.

  • Yogurt is a great part of my healthy lifestyle and makes a good breakfast, as well as walking the dogs daily.

  • One of the ways I maintain a healthy lifestyle is going to the gym to get a good work out it.

  • I try to go running about 4 times a week, and I always bring fresh fruits and veggies with me to work. Fall apples are amazing! 🙂

  • Oh how fun it would be to win a neat package like this. I "try" to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by cutting out greasy foods, watching the M&M intake, and I try to walk every day. It is a constant struggle, but I am realizing as I get older (37 next week), that you need to get healthy now to be healthy later in life.

  • We maintain a healthy lifestyle by only buying healthy food to prepare at home and always having an exercise goal to stick to.

  • I stay active by playing with my five sons and jogging the neighborhood when I can. I try to stay healthy by eating at home mostly and eating out very little.

  • Because I love to cook and bake and what I create is usually full of yummy fattening things, I try to be healthy by working out at the gym or running around outside with my kids. And when it's snack time at our house, we go for healthy snacks like yogurt, or fresh fruits and veggies. We save the treats for dessert and only if we've already eaten lots of healthy things. Love the new recipe and can't wait to try it!

  • We stay healthy by eating a lot of low fat dairy, and making the majority of meals from scratch.

  • I am constantly learning new ways of improving my health and health is so much more than just eating right. I experiment with new foods and ways to cook healthier, I love to go on walks with my husband, and I love being involved in my community.

  • I use myfitnesspal.com to track my calories.

  • I make sure I eat lots of fresh foods. I eat lots of veggies and fruits and avoid processed foods. I also try to make sure that I go to the gym at least a few times a week so I can stay in shape. I love being healthy!

  • I go on a jog with my 4 month old in his running stroller most mornings. This keeps me in shape and also gets me going so I can start my day with a more positive emotional energy:)When I have smoothies I usually ask my husband to make me one because he can always whip up a better one than I can. I am going to give him this recipe!

  • I love yogart, we use it all the time in our smoothies.

  • I try to get more fiber in my diet. You can buy yogurt with fiber

  • I exercise 5 times a week and eat in moderation.

  • I cook healthy foods for my family.

  • I watch what I eat and try not to overeat…

  • I work out 3-4 times per week and make many dishes at home to avoid eating out.

  • I use the SparkPeople website to keep track of my nutrition and fitness. It helps me see what I am doing and what I need to improve on.

  • I take my vitamins daily, try to get adequate sleep, and drink LOTS of water!

  • I really try cooking healthy and educating myself on all the wonderful different foods there are to cook with that you may never try. I know I need to exercise more – I don't do that as well as I should.

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by making smoothies in the morning, and filling up our plates with more veggies and fruit than anything else. I also put ground flax seed in just about everything.

  • I try to drink lots of water and make healthier food choices

  • I wear a pedometer to be more conscious of how much walking I do everyday. For some reason when I wear it I tend to me more active 🙂

  • I watch what I eat and luckily get exercise from work lifting and moving things around. Recently I have cut soft drinks out almost completely and only occasionally have a cup of coffee. Also have started some supplements!

  • I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regulary and eating healthy foods! 🙂

  • I quit smoking 19 months ago so that in itself makes me feel much healthier! I also take my vitamins and drink tons of water daily.


  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by making most of my food from scratch, taking daily vitamins and nutrients, and regular sleep and excercise.

  • I try my best to get 5 good workouts in every weekday morning, and make sure to get all the sleep I need. I also plan our meals in advance and cook dinner almost every evening to keep our food as nutritious as possible.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating little meat and going for long, brisk walks.

  • i try to make things from scratch if at all possible. i like that i can control the quality of ingredients i'm putting in! great giveaway!!

  • My whole family eats yogurt every day. I walk 4 miles 3x a week with friends, and enjoy the conversation as much as the exercise! I eat whole grains, healthy fats (like olive oil), take vitamins and minerals, and drink LOTS of water! I have a son with Type 1 diabetes, so we work hard at keeping his blood sugar in good control in order to keep him healthy.

  • The kids devour frozen go gurts and have no clue it's healthy. We've also started using only olive oil in cooking, and no more cooking fried foods.

  • I walk as often as I can during the week to stay healthy.

  • We also do yogurt smoothies for breakfast. It helps me, but more importantly, my children eat better. With three little boys it is difficult to make sure that they are getting everything they need. My four year old in particular ONLY eats fruit if it is a yogurt smoothie with whey protien. Love it!

  • I drink water, walk with my toddlers, do work out videos, and try and make healthy meals. Also I do lots of stretching to keep my muscles happy and help me de-stress!

  • I drink lots of water, and try to limit my intake of sugar. Sugar tastes so good, but is so bad for our bodies!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing a cardio workout, going on a walk/jog pushing my 1 year old in his stroller, and finishing the morning up with yoga!i also cook every night so i know what im eating and drink lots of water!

  • I love smoothies!! I maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising 6 days a week and eating a balanced diet!!

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by walking frequently and choosing fruits and other nutritious options for snacks rather than cookies, etc. When I do bake desserts and cookies, I find substitutes for fattening items such as butter and oil.

  • Before children I was able to get to the gym regularly, but for eight years I've had to get my exercise from running after my little runners. Now that they are getting big enough I finally rejoined the gym last month and it is like coming home, it feels so good. We rarely drink soda or juice around here, just water, milk and soy milk. We use Mollie Katzen's children's cookbooks a lot–they have inspired my kids to love veggies they would have shunned otherwise. I found your blog through foodgawker a couple months ago. I love how you manage the balance of quick and easy but still lean towards healthy. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Walking my dog, spinning classes, and weight training at the gym.

  • I drink only water for my beverage. And I enjoy smoothies in place of meals, I even drink green smoothies. 🙂

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and hitting the gym on a regular basis.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking {or at least trying to} 64 oz of water each day. I try to get a little exercise each day too, whether it be chasing/playing with my 3 year old, dancing with her, going on a walk with my family, or going to the gym.

  • I drink lots of water every day and very rarely drink soft drinks. I have also cut down on my caffeine by eliminating coffee every day. Now I just have a cup occasionally.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by limiting the times we eat food from outside the house (take out etc) to a very very minimal amount.

  • We go through so much yogurt around here! 🙂 I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating fewer pre-packaged foods. Thanks!

  • I eat a yoguaart for breakfast every morning and I do love the probiotic it keeps my digestive system regular also.

  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by chasing my toddlers around, making a good majority of the food we eat from scratch, and getting plenty of execise and sleep.


  • I maintain a healthy lifestyle by trying to eat healthy foods and I exercise regularly.

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