Freezer Egg and Muffin Sandwiches

So I must admit, I not a real morning person. Ever since my daughter was born, she has had medical problems and has never slept good at night until recently. So I really value my sleep. Because of this, I haven’t been the type of mom to get up and fix my kids breakfast. It’s usually a bowl of cold cereal. Then on occasion it’s Pop Tarts or Eggo pancakes (when they go on sale for a great price) or banana bread from my freezer. I recently decided to try to make some items ahead of time to have for my kids in the freezer. I found a recipe at The New Frugal Mom for egg sandwiches. I managed to make them for about 44 cents a sandwich. Much cheaper than most you can buy. The muffins were my most expensive item, they were $2.49 for 12. I probably could have purchased them for less if I had time to plan ahead and watch for a sale or go to a bread outlet. I got my Kraft cheese singles (16 slices in a pkg) for $1.50, eggs were 99 cents a dozen, and a pkg of deli ham (Land O Frost w/ 36 slices in a pkg)for $2.79. I also made some with already cooked sausage patties that I bought in the freezer section at Walmart. The sausage ones did cost more. I’ve got another freezer breakfast coming for you tomorrow!

Freezer Egg and Muffin Sandwiches

12 English Muffins, toasted
1 Dozen Eggs, scrambled (I use a big electric skillet for this)
6 American Cheese Slices, halved
12 Deli Ham Slices

Scramble eggs; while eggs are cooking, split and toast muffins. (I cooked my eggs more like an omelet and then cut them into 12 squares) Once eggs are cooked, set up an assembly line of muffins, eggs, cheese, ham; assemble and allow time to cool, then wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze wrapped egg sandwiches in freezer bags or freezer boxes. I used a gallon size freezer bag to hold 4 sandwiches, these bad can be reused for each time I make them. Makes 12. To heat: wrap in a paper towel and microwave for 45-65 seconds. Be careful it will be nice and hot.

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15 comments on “Freezer Egg and Muffin Sandwiches

  • Just made these for my kiddos and 3 of them tried them this morning. I was pumped because the english muffins and cheese were on BOGO this week and I used canadian bacon since it was also on sale. The only problem we had when them when heating was the egg still staying cold. Did anyone else have this problem? Maybe defrosting first then cooking?

    • Emily, when you buy the store bought brands, the directions are to wrap the sandwich in a paper towel and to first set the microwave power level to 30% and heat for 1 min 30 sec. Flip the sandwich over and heat on high power for 50 sec…. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  • I make the light version of these with whole wheat muffins, egg white only and turkey sausage or bacon.

  • Made some of these too I also took about 1/3 off of the 1lb sausage I bought for the burritos and sliced that up to make a few patties for these.. I did 6 with 2 slices ea thin deli ham and 6 with sausage patties :-)… I am a sausage girl and the other half digs ham.

  • We make these with bacon on occasion.

    FYI, a package of 12 english muffins at Walmart costs 1.89. And I like them better than the name brand kind. You'll find them in the same area as the cream cheese, in the back of the store.

  • I hate getting up early to make breakfast, too! I'm definitely going to have to give these freezer breakfast recipes a try! Thanks for sharing!

  • Yum, o Yum o, Yum o! I LOVE these and will DEFINITELY be trying this out! I love the breakfast burrito idea, too! Healthy and packed with proteins! Brilliant!

  • I agree, breakfasts can get stressful. You might want to try some freezer breakfast quiches. I like to make up "individual" ones wnad freeze, then they are good to go. Also, Taste of Home has a great recipe for freezer biscuits. You make them up ahead and bake when you want. They take about 15 minutes, but they are really, really good.

  • What a great idea!
    I too struggle in the breakfast department. I have never really been much of a breakfast eater and I have passed that on to my kids and normally just throw cereal at them.

    I will have to try this idea.


  • These are wonderful, infact I just ate one. I made up 16 of these, a mix of bacon, egg, and cheese and sausage, egg, and cheese. Also made a few for hubby with sausage and cheese (he doesn't really care for the eggs). They are really good and tasty!! I found the recipe over at in the September menu.

  • Genius idea! I love it and can't wait to see your next post!

  • Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • This has always been a favorite 'grab and go' breakfast for my family. Another great freezer breakfast item is breakfast burritos with sausage/bacon, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and hashbrowns in a flour tortilla.

  • I am struggling in this dept. (breakfast freezer foods) too…..thanks for sharing. I am hoping to make a triple batch of peach pancakes and freeze them this week. I like your blog as always. If you have time come by mine again. Take care. Staci

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