Butterball Turkey Giveaway

Today I have a great giveaway to help you out with your Thanksgiving dinner.  I am giving away turkeys thanks to Butterball.  I have 2 coupons to giveaway.  They are good for $15 off any Butterball fresh or frozen whole turkey. The $15 should buy  you a 10 -12 lbs. turkey which feeds about 5 adults and 2 kids.   However, if you need a bigger turkey you can just use it toward your purchase and save $15.

If you weren’t aware, Butterball  has a Turkey Talk-Line lady that is available to answer your Thanksgiving meal questions, share ways to save or to gobble up any turkey-day cooking myths. So if you encounter any problems along the way with preparing your Thanksgiving meal, you can give them a call. No question is too tough for these turkey talkers, and they are ready and excited to tackle any challenge you throw at them. Give them a call at 1-800-BUTTERBALL throughout November and December.

You can also go to Butterball website to plan the perfect amount of servings you need in their perfect portion planner.    Just plug in the amount of adults and kids you plan on serving into the planner. There are boxes you can check to say we want leftovers, we are big eaters, or we are light eaters. Then it will tell you the size of turkey you need along with the amount of stuffing.  So simple.  The also have video guides on topics such as how to thaw or carve.

To enter the turkey giveaway is leave a comment on this post of your favorite Thanksgiving recipe, memory or blooper. It’s that easy. You have until Sunday November 14 at midnight (MST) to enter. Winners will be selected using random.org.  I will announce the winners on Monday morning. I want to have plenty of time to get you your coupons in time to get your Thanksgiving bird.

To start you off, here is my Thanksgiving memory.  While growing up, I got to have 2 Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving.  One my Dad’s side of the family, there would only be 5 people at Thanksgiving if my family didn’t come.  So my family of 5 was half the party.  Because of this, my parents felt it important for us to be there each year.  And in order to make it fair to both sides we just went to both.  It was hard to have to refrain yourself at the first house knowing you had to eat again.  Needless to say I was STUFFED each Thanksgiving.

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124 comments on “Butterball Turkey Giveaway

  • Hi I wanted to see if you where still giving away turkey’s I really want to have a thanks giving for my 3 kids this year.I

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memory was actually when we went to restaurant for dinner. Family members lived in several states and my mother was in failing health, so we decided to take her out to dinner.
    The food was decent, the company was wonderful, and there was no stress over cooking, cleaning, etc.
    That was actually the last Thanksgiving we had with Mom so it’s definitely one I remember fondly.

  • My favorite memory of Thanksgiving memory is that when I was growing up, we went to my grandparents’ house, and she always made the best food. My grandfather was always a source of joy for me, and although my mom does not remember these Thanksgivings fondly, those were the days Thanksgiving seemed like Thanksgiving!

  • I loved watching my parents interact, especially when attempting to lift the enormous bird from the oven. Its that pivotal moment when they are working together after mom has cooked the turkey and prior to dad carving it. Now, I am doing it all on my own, and surely will be consulting the butterball website!

  • Of course, big family feasts with all the kids running around with olives on their fingertips.

  • My favorite memory of Thanksgiving is the first year we were married–i cooked the turkey and left the gizzard and neck inside the bird–it was under-done and i felt awful–luckily it was only for my hubby and he said he didn’t mind eating the mashed potatoes and stuffing–that part turned out pretty good–hard to believe that’s been over 23 years now and everyone comes to my house to eat. :).

  • My husband and I are experiencing a new phase in our life, “empty nesters”! The house is way too quiet! Can’t wait until Thanksgiving when it becomes noisy and full of life again. My parents are gone but I have such beautiful memories of holidays together. I remember mom getting down the big silver bowl and Dad and I would sit the night before Thanksgiving and break up loaves of bread. We’d fill that big silver bowl to overflowing in preparation for the dressing for Thanksgiving Day. Memories.

  • My daughter’s birthday is Nov. 24th so we always do a Thanksgiving / Birthday celebration. We have the family come over early and we do the “birthday party”, then everyone goes out and plays a game of tag football while we transform from birthday to Thanksgiving! It makes for a long day, but love spending the entire day with all of our family.

  • Waiting to have my Aunt’s 7-Up Jell-O each year. It was the second best thing on the plate next to my Grandma Oney’s mashed potatoes. I can still tastes them and she has been gone 3 years this Christmas.

  • My favorite memories of getting together for Thanksgiving meals are the time spent waiting before the big meal and afterward, digesting the big meal, filled with fun playing all kinds of board games.

  • I make a cranberry apple pie that I love.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when all my family got together in 2008. Everyone, including cousins, great aunts and family friends attended. People I hadn’t see for years were there. It was such a great Thanksgiving. I loved seeing everyone all together in one place. I will cherish that Thanksgiving forever! I wish it could be like that every year.

  • While in high school, mom had to have surgery so my best friend and I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner for the family. We were pretty proud of ourselves when we took the turkey out of the oven but were devastated to find half the stuffing had come out of it. Turns out we weren’t supposed to cut off the tail ‘flap’ that helps keep the stuffing inside. We didn’t like the looks of it so we cut it off!!

  • One of the nicest Thanksgivings I had was a couple of years before my Mom passed away, My family was all together for Thanksgiving, my husband, sons and grandkids,and my brothers and their families

  • My favorite is the rolls – the lion house rolls w/honey butter! YUM.

  • i love candie yams

  • My favorite recipe is one for a potato casserole that my co-worker shared with me. It’s a huge hit with my family.

  • We had the two-meal dilemma for years, too, when I was growing up. I loved it – being with so much family, playing games, watching the Macy’s parade, eating, and eating and eating some more!

  • Favorite memory is my first Thanksgiving in a foreign country. We had roast chicken and rendered our own pig fat to make pie crusts. Such fun memories!

  • My first time making Thanksgiving dinner was a total bomb. Checking on the turkey in the smoker every few hours, when it was finally done it stunk so bad. Turns out it had been thawed & refrozen at the store & had gone bad. So Thanksgiving dinner was a very small ham & lots of sides for 5 people.

  • A couple of years ago, I was making mashed potatoes, but talking more than I was paying attention, and added too much milk. It was mashed potato soup by the time I was done. Unfortunately, there is one person who thinks she needs to bring that up every year and she can’t even cook!

  • The Thanksgiving I remember the the most was the first Thanksgiving as a wife. We couldn’t go visit with family so I made my first Thanksgiving dinner. I thought it would take a long time for the turkey to cook so I started it pretty early so it was done by lunch. So we ate it and then ate more for dinner. I was impressed with myself. I have been doing my own ever since.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is Mom’s Noodles.

  • I love Thanksgiving. Gathering with the family and the smell of delicious Thanksgiving meals. My favorite dish is of course, the turkey. I love cooking the turkey, my favorite is the cranberry glazed and sausage stuffing.

    • Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Beans & Cranberry Sauce Thrown together. Pie-Apple & Cherry for Dessert. That’s what I told the kids we were having. I hope I can keep my promise.



  • My blooper is that one year, I baked my pumpkins in the oven with the skins down on the baking pan instead of facing up. When I went to scoop out the pumpkin flesh, I couldn’t separate the flesh from the skin of the pumpkin. It took me forever to get it loose. My pumpkin pie was late that year :D. Thanks!

  • I love this time of year because I love roasted turkey! We usually buy an extra and freeze it to have a “1/2 Thanksgiving Dinner” some time later in the year. Everyone asks what the special occasion is and we just say “Roasted Turkey is special”.

  • I remember begging my mom each year to not have to eat my grandpa’s stuffing. He put great big pieces of celery in his stuffing and made us eat every bite. At the time my siblings and cousins were so grumpy about it but now it is a fun story we share.

  • We went to my grandparents house every year for Thanksgiving and I miss that so much! My grandmother always had a huge spread of food and there wasn’t one thing that wasn’t delicious. I wish I could go back to that time and get her dressing recipe!

  • We used to go to Island Park for Thanksgiving when I was a kid. I loved being with my family and eating a delicious meal after snowmobiling and playing in the snow.

  • My favorite memory is going to sound a bit weird. I was 14 and it was the first thanksgiving after my dad had passed. My best friend came over for dinner that year. In her teenage excitement to get away from her parents she ran from her parents car and up our icy porch. She slipped and fell right on her butt. She just laughed it off and the two of us chuckled about it the rest of the day. Strangely it was the perfect thing to take our minds off of the sadness.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memories center around many Thanksgivings shared with family in the little green farm house of my Grandfather and Grandmother Starr’s. The little farm house was busting at the seams as we came from near and far to celebrate together. Tables and chairs were set up in three small rooms. The adults and some of the teenagers as they grew older were seated at “the big table” in the frontroom, while the younger ones filled the other rooms with parents to help fill our plates with the homemade feast! Grandmother Loretta always baked a her special fruitcake which was prepared several weeks ahead and allowed to age. She received lots of loving teasing when she proudly set it in the middle of the big table. “Be sure and set it in the midddle Grandma so the table won’t tip!” “Do we need to go to the barn to get the saw to help you cut it?” Grandma would just smile as she sliced up the cake. Grandma and Grandpa are gone now but I will always cherish my memories of those very special Thanksgivings and I always smile from the inside out when I smell a fruitcake!

  • My favorite holiday blooper happened a few years ago when I was a teen still living at home. My dad’s girlfriend wanted to make a special Thanksgiving dinner, so she spent all day baking this gorgeous bird. After we’d said grave & everyone had their plates of turkey & stuffing, my 10 yr old brother yells out I think the turkey had a baby! The entire family was trying to figure out what he was talking about & we were all looking around confused. After finally calming him down, we found out my dad’s girlfriend didn’t remove the gibblets & neck from inside the turkey.

  • One of my favorite things at Thanksgiving is a jello salad with cream cheese, pineapple and dream whip all mixed together that my mother in law makes. It is so good.

  • My dad’s Parsnip Souffle!!


  • Every Thanksgiving, after the big dinner, we play the “candy bar game”. Now the grandkids look forward to the game rather than the nice dinner but that is what Thanksgiving is all about–just being together as a family.

  • Oh my goodness, what a nice giveaway! My favorite memory is making homemade cranberry sauce with my daughter. She’s a bit of a goof like I am and we loved seeing the cranberries “pop.” Every year since we made this simple recipe we have tried to add a new recipe as well as kept that cranberry recipe.


  • my favorite memory is actually the time that my sister and I discovered the sweet potato casserole wasnt homemade! Oh the horror! Bless my mother though because she prepares just about everything else from scratch for about the 20 in her immediate family. Now and days the sweet potatoes are homemade but it was sort of crushing because the store bought was quite good, and my sister and I love to give her a hard time about it to this day 🙂

  • A few years ago I was cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for my new inlaws for the first time. I had done a lot of prep work the night before and was ready for the big day. I got up early to put the turkey in the oven. I took the turkey out of the refrigerator and placed it on the counter. I walked back to the frig to get the bowl of stuffing out. As I turned around, I found our miniature dachshund on the counter chair and biting into the raw turkey. I screamed. The dog jumped down and the turkey and the metal tin it was sitting in fell onto the floor. I picked up the metal tin and the dog bit into the turkey again. I scream and the dog ran away. I picked up the turkey, cleaned it, laughed by myself and put it in the oven.

    When the turkey was done, I continued to laugh to myself because I could still tell where the dog had bitten into it!

  • I love my mom’s suffing recipe, it has cranberries and tastes so good along with the other dishes.

  • So many meals at Grandma’s house with all the relatives. Of course no one has ever duplicated Grandma’s perfect turkey, sweet potato casserole, homemade dressing and rolls and cranberry relish, and lets not get started on pie. Still get together as a family, share stories and replicate a great meal. Wish you could stop by and join us.

  • It’s simple but I love making my turkey in a brown paper bag, it comes out crazy good 🙂

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the first year I was married. It was so wonderful to go to my in-law’s for Thanksgiving and be so whole-heartedly welcomed into their family. I felt so loved and so happy to have double the family now. And very blessed that I don’t have the awful Mother-in-law stories I hear so often from my friends and other people! Phew! Love her to death

  • Love to attend big family potluck Thanksgiving gatherings: cousins outside in the cold playing capture the flag, football inside, relatives and friends milling around.

    BUT, my own family of 5 always makes a turkey dinner with all the favorite side dishes at home the next day because we like to have our own leftovers! My husband cooks the turkey on the grill and last year’s was picture perfect.

  • When I was 10, I mis-read the instructions while baking a cake. I added 11 1/2 cups where I should have added 1 and 1/2! Needless to say, it was a very moist cake!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  • My favorite way to do turkey comes from Mary Crafts of Culinary Crafts. She makes a glaze from butter, onion, orange marmalade, sage and thyme, and rubs it under and over the skin of the turkey. (This is after she has brined the turkey as well). This orange marmalade glaze makes the BEST tasting, juiciest turkey you’ve ever tasted!

  • I just LOVE Thanksgiving! My favorite is after we’ve all stuffed ourselves silly and played games…we go in and make ourselves Turkey sandwiches!! Nothing beats a delicious Turkey sandwich!! I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving!

  • My favorite thanksgiving memory was when my cousin surprised our family by showing up at our door on thanksgiving day. He is in the military and my aunt was sad that she couldn’t see him. Her face lit up and she started crying when she saw him. Then the waterworks started and the entire family got choked up.

  • This memory is funny and a little sad too.
    My grandfather made the Thanksgiving dinner every year,and it was always so wonderful.Well the last year he cooked Thanksgiving dinner he accidently under cooked the turkey,left egg shells in the corn bread dressing and put too much pepper in the corn casserole

  • My favorite memory of Thansgiving is just being with my whole family. I enjoy the day sitting around eatting, watching football, eatting, playing games, eatting …

  • One year my mom turned the oven on to start preheating it before she put the turkey in. She went downstairs and became occupied for a little while. A weird, smoke smell drifted downstairs. She realized my Grandma was storing plastic Tupperware in the oven!! It was melted and filled the whole house with a terrible odor! Dinner was definitely late that year!

  • My fav recipe is the stuffing my hubby makes. He puts sausage in it and it is just so wonderful I stand by his side waiting to “sample” it 🙂 Then he turns his back and I have the spoon!

  • One year we played Bunco with our whole family for hours. At first everyone was hesitant- especially the guys. But after they got the hang of it- we had a blast! Everyone- including the kids could play with little strategy. It is a great memory.

  • My mom started cooking our turkey Thanksgiving morning one year and it smelled REALLY bad, so she went to the grocery store quickly and found one of the only ones left in the store. It was huge and frozen solid. I could hear laughing and, “wait, try this” from the kitchen and it made me curious. I walked into the kitchen to find my Aunt with one foot on the microwave door, hugging it while my mom Duct taped the door shut to try and defrost the turkey so we could actually have a proper dinner for Thanksgiving. It is one of my funniest memories and always brings a smile to my face when I think of it.

  • I do alright withholding myself through out the dinner and eating regular portions, but the things i absolutely cannot resist are the mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, the rolls (shirley, did you just snarf a dozen?), and the jello. ALWAYS room for jello.

  • My favorite memory is the first time my hubby cooked the turkey and it was MAGNIFICENT. I have never met anyone that can cook one better.

  • Growing up we used to have two Thanksgivings too. My mom is from Colombia, so they don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, but her side of the family decided we would have a huge breakfast for Thanksgiving breakfast and then we’d go to a church to have Thanksgiving dinner with my dad’s side of the family.

  • 10 Year ago this Thanksgiving is when I was proposed to! He decided to pop the question so we could tell our families and I would have the ring to show everyone. By far it was my best holiday ever!

  • 27 years ago when we were first married I volunteered to make Thanksgiving dinner for both families. Needless to say, 27 years later I am still at it. We have had upwards of 30 people some years and 12 people others. We have lost the top element of our electric oven so that the turkey was half baked and arc-welded one of the electric burners on the stovetop. Lots of memories for all involved. That coupon would definitely help feed this year’s bunch.

  • My favorite memories were eating at my mom’s house in her tiny living room. We’d line tables up the middle and have to walk over the couches to get from one end to the other since there wasn’t room to walk anywhere else! It was the most fun all cramped in together! =)

  • Oh I hate to even tell this story but I will. We were having a big family gathering and my mom wanted me to fix the turkey. I figured I could do it- I was in my 20’s. WELL being it was my first time making it. I had no idea you were to take out the insides. Well I was so proud of myself, the turkey turned out so juicy and looked so nice. But when we sat down to get ready to eat, it was my mom who noticed I had left the insides in the turkey. They never let me live it down. It took me years before I would ever make another turkey.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my mom’s dressing. I just cannot seem to duplicate it no matter what I do.

  • My parents had solved the “which side of the family to visit for the holidays” dilemma before I was born. We would always visit my paternal grandparents on the eve of Thanksgiving, where my grandmother would bake me my own pumpkin pie because it was always close to my birthday, and then on the day of Thanksgiving we would go to my maternal grandmother’s home. I loved all of the fresh, homemade food, especially the rolls. Once I got married, I thought my husband and I would have to compromise on where to go, but because he has 9 brothers and sisters, their family had already compromised by having their big family get-together the Saturday following Thanksgiving. So for several years my husband and I enjoyed three Thanksgiving dinners (and weeks of working it off) every year.

  • Canned yams with butter, dark karo syrup, brown sugar and marshmellows. There is absolutly no exact measurements,,,but the more marshmellows the better. I am so sure that it is not good for you.

  • My favorite thanksgiving was on my mission. We were able to email our parents and mine were online so we were able to chat back and forth. It was so nice. ( and probably against the rules.)

    2 years ago I tried to make my grandpa’s sweet potatoes. They were horrible. He told us the wrong receipe on purpose because he said they would get us to come to his house. Now we have to guess because he passed right before christmas last year.


  • I just like all of us together, back then it was the only time we all got together.

  • My favorite food is my mom’s cream cheese salad.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my mom’s cornbread dressing.

  • My favorite recipe is a mashed sweet potato casserole with a pecan topping on top. It involves butter and cream and it is delicious!

  • my biggest blooper was I forgot to take out the inerds it was my first turkey and I didn’t know and my favorite dish is hashbrown casserole

  • Memories of a grandma that fed 60-70 people in an old old home that was filled to the brim with people. Men went out shooting shotguns in the morning while the dinner was prepared by the girls. Loved being around all the cousins and there was ALWAYS enough food, don’t know how she did it! She would NEVER let us use paper plates. Looked forward to it every year!!!!

  • My best memory is from the year my Mom had 75 for thanksgiving dinner. She had one continual table that went from the dining room through the hall and into the living room. She felt it was important to all sit together even though we could not see those at the other end. It is amazing the amount of food and how it all worked out.

  • I used to love going to my Grandmas out of town with all my cousins, aunts and uncles. We have a small family, so it was awesome when the entire family would get together – pure chaos with tons of little kids running around but so much fun! I miss those get togethers!

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memories are the ones that involved huge piles of just racked leaves and lots of jumping into!

  • One year my Mom was putting a pumpkin pie in the oven while I was taking the stuffing out and I backed into her and ended up covered in uncooked pumpkin pie filling! It was not the way I would have chosen to have my pie!

    My favorite recipe is the worlds best mashed potatoes! Its as easy as making sure you salt the water well when boiling the potatoes, cook until soft and then beat in lots of Heavy Cream and butter! So creamy, so yummy. Unfortunately it’s not very healthy, but hey, Thankgiving is only once a year, right?!

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is my aunt’s rolls! Heaven!

  • I remember the thanksgiving dinners that we used to have at my mammaw and pappaws house. We would have so many people there. They had 9 kids and 20 some grand kids. It was awsome. I am a firm believer that a house should be full of family and friends for the holidays. Dont forget the less fortunate. Take a meal to someone who would not have it otherwise.

  • One thing that we used to do growing up was we would always have a big dinner with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins on Thanksgiving, but then my mom would cook us a dinner for just our family in the week following so we could enjoy all the leftovers at our house! That’s something I’ve always loved and now do it with my own little family.

  • One year both sets of my grandparents were away for the holiday, and we ended up eating at Denny’s. Not the greatest food ever, but fun memories.

  • I remember the first time I made my own turkey; having to deal with the RAW bird and giblets was, I thought, the most disgusting thing I’d ever faced. But I used a very delicious Emeril recipe and it turned out delicious!

  • We’re a lot now like your family used to be. We do dinner with my parents and with my husband’s parents, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t mind all the food, especially double the pumpkin pie! 🙂

  • In our family, we celebrated our heritage every thanksgiving. We would have the traditional thanksgiving dinner… but we’d also have italian fare – lasagna, pizzas, stuffed shells. I loved that we didn’t have to eat the same thing, and if I didn’t feel like turkey, I could have pizza!

  • The highlight of each and every Thanksgiving has always been the homemade dinner rolls. Everyone looks forward to eating them during the dinner and making turkey sandwiches with the leftovers!

  • My favorite recipe is my aunts dressing that she makes. It is the best! My favorite memories are the days when Grandaddy was alive and would say the prayer before dinner. The best blooper is the year that my aunt forgot to put the sugar in the pumpkin pies. Let me just say…the sugar is VERY important. 🙂

  • Thanksgiving was always at my grandma’s house and my favorite food memories are of pecan pie which I have always loved, homemade rolls which I have never made as good as grandma, and cottage cheese jello salad because I usually got to make it! I haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving for many years, but just thinking about these foods makes me excited to share them with my own family this year.

  • Two years ago we spent Thanksgiving in New York City. It was an awesome experience for my husband and I as well as the kids, and it was great to have my in-laws along.

  • I love the time spent with family and the food is always fabulous!

  • I love having Thanksgiving in my home! We have a mish mash of families and friends. My daughter is always so excited to have everyone over. As much work as it is, I wouldnt trade it!

  • I love Thanksgiving. Growing up (my parents and younger sister still do) we always went to my aunt’s house. She sets a beautiful table with special Thanksgiving china, crystal, and silver. The elegance of the meal–the special preparation–means more to me than the food! That and the people there, of course. I love my memories of all the women bustling around the kitchen the morning of (and especially the hour before!) getting everything read and picture perfect. My favorite parts of the (food portion) meal were the stuffing (good old stove top too!) and the shredded cooked carrots. I dream about those carrots. Mmmm.

  • My most memorable times are playing cards and spending time with the extended family after a great meal.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe would have to be my mom’s rolls. They’re called “Out of this World Rolls” and they totally are. I only make them twice a year because they’re complicated so I’m excited about Thanksgiving coming and the chance to make them!

  • I don’t have a specific Thanksgiving recipe. Heck, I’m 44 years old, married with two young boys, and have managed to not have cooked an actual whole turkey yet in my life! I stick with the classics: give me a slice of turkey breast, some mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll and I’m a happy girl!

  • I always look forward to homemade rolls and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving!

  • I always remember my mom defrosting the turkey in the bathtub!

  • One year my dad used a turkey fryer and it caught on fire. Good thing my gram made an extra one!

  • My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is also a memory of my mom making her stuffing with homemade wheat bread, apples and celery. My favorite Thanksgiving food, and my favorite memory, watching my mom make her stuffing.

  • I love great piece of pecan pie with homemade whipped cream…with some strong coffee

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memory is 2 years ago when after Thanksgiving dinner my husband and I announced we were expecting our first baby! I’ll never forget that day.

  • Every year my dad’s family gets together the day after thanksgiving for a pie party. Everyone brings a pie and we eat pie until we can’t stand up, then we sit around and play games and talk and laugh all night. It’s one of my favorite days of the year.

  • I have always loved Thanksgiving. I guess my most memorable one would have to be last year. Little did we know at the time that it would be the last Thanksgiving we’d get to celebrate with my mother. She passed away two weeks ago today. She loved having all her family around at Thanksgiving and I know this year will be hard for me, but I look forward to cooking a big dinner to honor my mother and her love for a huge Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Favorite memory was when my daughter cooked her first turkey and that nasty bag of giblets got cooked also–it was hidden somewhere in the cavity.

  • My favorite way to prepare a turkey is stuffing it with citrus fruit, and slipping a lil’ butter under the skin of the turkey breast and slow roasting it. It has such a moist flavor!

  • We always went to my grandparent’s house in Terrell, TX. They lived on several acres within the city. The women would spend the whole morning and afternoon in the kitchen cooking, visiting, and laughing. The kids would play outside on the 4 wheelers, playing basketball, or playing in the garden. The men would visit with eachother while sipping on iced tea and hot chocolate. We would all come together to enjoy a nice meal with the choice of all the Southern favorites. We would all retreat to the living room to listen to lisen to our musically talented family play guitar, piano, and sing. Then the adults would retreat to the domino table while the kids would run back outside and play until dark. We would all join back up in the living room and drink hot chocolate in front of the fire and enjoy some dessert. It was the best day of the year!

  • Before I moved across the country to Tennessee, my family and I would always go up to my grandparents house in Idaho where we would squeeze 40 people in a teeny kitchen and family room and eat a huge meal followed by a massive game of scrabble and laughter. 🙂

  • my most cherished thanksgiving memories all focus on the countless years of my entire family being together and cooking together in the kitchen form early morning..until thanksgiving dinner was put on the dining room table…
    even the little ones..preschool age…wold hep stuff mushrooms…and help prepare homemade cranberry sauce…
    if only i had a magic wand to go back to those wonderful days…

  • As a child and actually to this day, I’ve had an undying love for my Mammaw’s dressing. She fixes it into patties and as a child, I used to ask for 8 pieces of dressing. I could care less about anything else. To this day, my Mammaw still makes enough for me to have 8 pieces. It just takes me a few days to eat it.

  • My most fond Thanksgiving memory was the Thankgiving that I got to spend with my paternal gandfather. I never spent much time with him and sadly he left our lives too early.

  • I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal a few years ago for all of my inlaws. I did it all- I was so frantic to get everything done and have it be perfect that I forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer and thaw it. So I pulled it out about 4 hours before the big dinner. Needless to say.. I ran to the grocery store and just bought one already cooked. It was an expensive dinner!

  • One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is the time my husband deep fried a 13lb turkey in a deep fryer that was only suppose to hold a 8lb turkey….needless to say it was a little scary, but also exciting and definitely something we won’t forget! Since then we’ve deep fried turkey every year….but they’ve all been around 8lbs! 🙂

  • My favorite memories are of my mother always making a big deal of Thanksgiving, even if it was only the 3 of us having dinner. She would bring out the lace tablecloth, the good china and silver, and have fresh flowers as the centerpiece. Two things that HAD to be on the Thanksgiving table when we sat down- pearl onions for my father and the biggest Butterball turkey she could find. It had to be a Butterball – nothing else compared. And you know what, it’s still that way in my home. In this day and age tradition is very important and part of our tradition is the biggest Butterball turkey I can find because NOTHING compares to a Butterball and it’s just not Thanksgiving without one.

  • I know last year’s Thanksgiving will always be memorable for our family. We were living in Germany, but decided to do a traditional dinner anyway. The local grocery store was selling whole turkeys (shipped from Russia) to cater to the Americans living in the area. But we were surprised Thanksgiving morning when we opened up the wrapping on our turkey to find that there were still feathers on it! Having to de-feather our own turkey definitely gave new meaning to our Thanksgiving meal.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving thing is creating the perfect bite. Turkey, stuffing, green bean, gravy…..mmmmmm….

  • My most memorable Thanksgiving was 3 years ago when we did a deep fried Turkey & it was done in 45 minutes & the whole neighborhood was in amazment! We ate pretty good that year while people were still cooking there big Turkeys!

  • My memory is just having the ability to have a family get-together every year for thanksgiving. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Grandma’s stuffing and lots of family.

  • I love making the trip to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving. We used to go for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now we live too far away to make both holidays so Thanksgiving is even more special each year! I must tell you that my mom is the best cook in the world! I always look forward to her fantastic homemade cornbread dressing ….. that is one dish that is a “must have” at our Thanksgiving feast!

  • My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving is my Grandma’s homemade noodles. She makes them every year for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. I LOVE them!!

  • One of my most memorable Thanksgivings was when we were to have a huge Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws cabin. ALL family members were going to be there (around 50 people). We were in charge of taking all of the mashed potatoes. So we peeled and made around 60 lbs. of mashed potatoes. On our way up the canyon one of the tires fell off our vehicle leaving us stranded for a few hours and needless to say we didn’t make it to our dinner. After getting rescued and on our way home, we stopped at the store and bought an already cooked chicken, a bag of rolls, and a pummpkin pie. Of course we already had the potatoes.

  • My favorite Thanksgiving memory AND recipe is my Mama’s “secret recipe” dinner rolls … they’re actually Rhode’s frozen dinner rolls, but for years and years everyone would beg her for the recipe and she never gave it up. Gosh, I love my Mama 🙂

  • It isn’t so much the food that makes Thanksgiving–Don’t get me wrong we love the food–But it is the time spent with family that always makes our Thanksgivings memorable.

  • My most memorable Thanksgiving was the one were our entire family came down with a bug right before we were supposed to go have Thanksgiving with my step-dad. So, we had a very impromptu Thanksgiving dinner that I bought about an hour before hand at the grocery store. Not the best dinner ever!

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