Easy Apple Tart and Shabby Apple

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90 WPM Dress

Now on to the recipe! This recipe came from the fabulous Pioneer Woman. I had several of you recommend I give this recipe a try. It really is so simple, but oh so tasty. The problem I had with this recipe is I had way to many apples for the tarts. I ended up grabbing my extra sheet of pastry dough (which is my second favorite ingredient next to crescent roll dough) and cutting up another apple to finish up the filling I had left over. Needless to say we ended up with 4 apple tarts. My mouth didn’t care but my waistline did. So I have put below my adaptation of the recipe. This way you should only end up with 2 tarts. Now, I really think this dish could qualify as dessert served with ice cream or frozen yogurt or you could drizzle a little powdered sugar icing on it and serve it for breakfast. Either way your mouth will thank you. Next time I think I’ll add some cinnamon to the apples too. Now, I left the skins on my apples which made a beautiful presentation, but next time I’m gonna remove the skin. I didn’t really appreciate the chewiness that it gave to the dish. Other than that I loved this dish and it really is shockingly simple to make!

Also, tomorrow I WILL be announcing my exciting news. I finally have the go ahead, but need to do one more thing today. Make sure to check back.

Easy Apple Tart

1 sheet puffed pastry
2 large apples (I used gala)
1/2 cup brown sugar
lemon juice
(you can use some cinnamon too if you’d like)

Core and cut your apples in half and into slices. You can leave the skin on or off. My preference for next time is off. You can sprinkle your apple slice with a little lemon juice at this point if you’d like. I actually forgot to do this and it was no problem. Mix the apple slices with the brown sugar and a dash of salt (and a little cinnamon if you’d like). Then let them sit.

Get out your puffed pastry and let it thaw. I believe the package says to give it 10 minutes. While this thaws it will give the sugar some time to soften and for the apples to get juicy.
Next, cut your sheet of puffed pastry in half and place on a sprayed baking sheet. Line half of the apple slices down the center of the pastry overlapping each other, like fallen dominoes.

Bake at 415 degrees for 18 to 20 minutes, keeping an eye on the tart towards the end. You want it to be golden, but not too golden. Remove the the tarts from the baking sheet or they may get stuck there. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, slice, and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Cinnamon ice cream would also be excellent. A drizzle of caramel and sweetened whipped cream would work too.

7 comments on “Easy Apple Tart and Shabby Apple

  • Your tart is just beautiful!

  • You did a wonderful job on this dessert! I saw this on PW also and have it bookmarked.

  • Wow! I am bookmarking this! Sucha gorgeous presentation!

  • Wow, that looks yummy!

  • Well, I'm relieved tomorrow is the day – I've been on "pins and needles"!! 😉 I'm guessing your not pregnant (most expectant moms can't keep that secret too long!), so you're either going to do a guest appearance on Rachel Ray or you're writing a cookbook. I just love a good mystery! Hey, how about a give-away to the person that guesses the "big secret"????

    The dresses looked beautiful – but is that poor model actually standing out in the snow????? I'd rather be the secretary than the model! LOL!!

    I'm bookmarking the apple tart for this fall. No way do I make anything with apples in the summer. I'm really old fashioned (like no white shoes before Memorial Day!!).

    Thanks for another great post!

  • So very French… Oo la la.

  • The tart is lovely!

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