English Muffin Bread

Most of you who follow me regularly know that I am a bread girl. I love my bread! Recently, I was perusing through foodgawker and tastespotting and found this recipe on one of those sites. It comes from Kate at Cooking During Stolen Moments. The main thing that caught my attention was this was another bread recipe that could be done in about an hour. I also LOVE English muffins and this bread was absolutely wonderful. My family was happy to eat it fresh from the oven with butter and jam. I on the other hand, love my English muffins toasted. I like to have it crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. I was even able to speed the process up a little bit. You must try this bread. It is just too easy not to. Next time I think I’ll double the recipe so I can have some for breakfast the next day!

Also FYI, there will be no posts on Saturday or Monday. I am taking those days off the enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with my family. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!

English Muffin Bread

3 c. flour
2 1/2 t. yeast (or 1 packet)
2 t. sugar
1 t. salt
1/8 t. baking powder
1 c. milk
1/4 c. water
Corn meal, for dusting the pan

1. In a mixing bowl, combine 2 c. flour, yeast, sugar, salt and baking powder. Mix for 1 minute.

2. While flour is mixing, pour milk and water into a small saucepan. Heat over low heat until warm, about 2 minutes (I did this in the microwave for 45-60 seconds). Pour into mixing bowl and beat for 2 minutes.

3. Add remaining cup of flour, 1/2 a cup at a time, and mix for 3-5 minutes (or knead by hand for 5-7 minutes). Dough will be somewhat sticky.

4. Grease a loaf pan and sprinkle with cornmeal (I used a 91/4 x 51/4 x 31/4 inch loaf pan). Spread dough into pan, cover and let rise for 45 minutes. (I preheated my oven to warm, then turned it off. I put the loaf in the front of the oven and cracked the oven door. It only took 30 minutes for the bread to raise. I also let it raise until it reached the top of the loaf pan.)

5. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, until golden brown.

According to Kate you can use this recipe for making traditional English muffins if you’d like. Add an extra 1/2 c. of flour to the dough and shape on a well-floured surface. Let rise on a cookie sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes. You should get about 6 muffins.

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