Root Beer Float Cake

This recipe today is another one I found in an old Southern Living Magazine. It’s another cake recipe, but not a cupcake. Just a regular 9 x 13 cake. I was interested in it because it uses root beer in both the cake and the frosting. Now my family’s choice of root beer happens to be Mug Root beer, so that is what I used. You can’t really taste the root beer in the cake, it just adds to the flavor. I would think the root beer you use may also change the flavor of the cake. If you used Barq’s root beer, I think it would change the flavor slightly. This basically just tastes like a good chocolate cake. I liked the fact that it was a way to doctor up a boxed cake mix. I have made other cakes before that call for some type of carbonated beverage before and they turn out great. My all time favorite one in the Mountain Dew Cake. There is one thing I would do differently the next time I make this. The recipe says to let the cake cool for 10 minutes and then pour the frosting over it. Next time, I will let the cake cool completely before I put the frosting on. The frosting is runny to begin with and when you put it on the warm cake the frosting became even more runny. It ran completely down the side and even got under the cake. I think the frosting would better coat the cake if it had cooled completely. The flavor of this cake is very similar to a Texas sheet cake. So you could probably even bake it in a jelly roll pan. I provided the links to the recipes below which are found on

Root Beer Float Cake Recipe
Root Beer Frosting Recipe

8 comments on “Root Beer Float Cake

  • Sound intriguing! And since we are all root beer fans around here, I’ll be trying this out, probably this weekend!

  • A few weeks ago I made a coca-cola cake which I really liked and I’m not a coke drinker or a chocolate cake eater. Like you I’ve tried other “carbonated” cakes and find that they come out moist, fluffy, and tender. I’m going to hop over to your mountain dew one and give it a try. Thanks for the link!

  • HM, my kids would love this based on the title alone. It looks fabulous!!

  • Can you taste the root beer in it??

  • That looks really good. I wonder what it is about carbonated drinks that make cakes so good?

  • This cake looks so moist and good!

  • Oh yum, I could never diet reading your recipes lol. I have everything need (even the german choc cake mix) except for rootbeer… but I will be getting some to try this soon :-P.

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