Pineapple Limeade

Let me just say that you are going to LOVE this simple Summer drink.  I adapted it from a recipe I found in my Betty Crocker “It’s Summer” issue.

The pineapple and lime are the perfect balance of tart and sweet.  So mix up a pitcher of this fabulous drink and enjoy some porch time just sipping this down.

Pineapple Limeade |

Pineapple Limeade
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 3 cups pineapple juice
  • ½ cup lime juice
  • 1 liter (4¼ cup) chilled club soda
  • 1 lime slice and cut in half, optional
  1. In a large pitcher, add the sugar and juices. Stir until sugar is dissolved. refrigerate until ready to serve.
  2. To serve, add in the club soda and lime slices, if desired. Pour into ice filled glasses. Serves 8.


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