Molten Lava Cakes

For Valentine’s I decided to try these Molten Lava Cakes for me and my hubby for dessert. I found this recipe at a site called I decided to give it a try.

Several of the other recipes I had required additional egg yolks or separating the eggs and beating up the whites. This one seemed simple and could be done in 30 minutes. One thing they suggest on the site for this recipe is to make sure you use bittersweet chocolate and not substitute semi sweet or milk chocolate. It will be way too sweet if you do that.

This dessert will definitely impress. It was oh so yummy, but oh so rich. I was barely able to finish one. I made them in 4 ramekins. I served this as suggested with sweetened whipped cream, but that didn’t work for me. So we took out some vanilla ice cream from the freezer and ate these with that. I really need the ice cream to balance out the rich chocolate and the whipped cream didn’t do that for me.

I will definitely hold on to this recipe, but save it for special occasion or when I have a dinner party and really want to wow my guests. It was simple to make and very delicious. And the lava center was perfect for my. I like it thick and gooey, not thin and runny. It was perfection.

Molten Lava Cakes
  • 4 Tbsp real butter
  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • 3 large eggs
  • ⅓ cup flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 8 oz bittersweet chocolate*, melted
  • *8 ounces is about 1⅓ C of bittersweet chocolate chips. Make the ⅓ cup a little over-full and you should be good
  • Additional Ingredients:
  • conf. sugar for dusting
  • sweetened whipped cream for serving (I highly recommend vanilla ice cream instead)
  • butter and sugar for preparing pans
  • You can either bake these in a muffin tin, in ramekins, or even a oven-proof mug. If you use a muffin tin you'll get 6 cakes and depending on the size of the ramekins you'll get 4-6.
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. To prepare pans, use your fingers (or the butter wrapper) to rub butter in the muffin tins or ramekins. Sprinkle in some granulated sugar to coat the entire inner surface and tap out any extra and discard.
  3. In a bowl with a mixer beat butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Combine flour and salt and slowly add it into the butter mixture just until combined. Stir in melted chocolate by hand, just until combined. Don't over mix.
  4. Divide batter evenly among prepared muffin cups or ramekins and then place them on a baking sheet.
  5. Bake just until tops of cakes no longer jiggle when pan is lightly shaken, about 8-10 min for a muffin pan, and 10-12 for ramekins. Remove from oven and let stand 10 min.
  6. If using muffin tins, invert the tin and place an individual cake on each serving plate. You can do the same with the ramekins, or just serve them as is. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream (or I prefer a good scoop of vanilla ice cream).


10 comments on “Molten Lava Cakes

  • Just made these tonight!

    I used semi-sweet chocolate chips but decreased the sugar a little bit; closer to 1/4 c instead of 1/3 c. Also, I whipped cream but barely sweetened. The sweetness ended up being just right (for me anyway) making these little adjustments and not using bittersweet chocolate. Thank you; it was just delicious and really hit the spot for one of those “I really need some chocolate tonight” moments. 🙂

  • Exatly Barbara I’ve had also lava cakes at restaurants but not made them at home. This is very tasty, i love lava cakes. Let me try.
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  • Hi, you’ve got a great blog! I’m glad you liked these- I’m with you, I like the centers a little thicker as opposed to runny. Glad you enjoyed them!

  • Those cakes look good!

  • Loved the photo with the whipped cream! Makes me want to make it asap. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Hi,
    I have been following your blog for a bit. This post looks so yummy. Speaking of Valentine’s day….I gave my husband your raspberry butter recipe and he made a wonderful dinner for me on Saturday. Check out my blog, I posted your blog on it because I used your recipe. Take care.

    Sorry about the deleted one. Whoops.

  • I haven’t tried these yet, but they look delicious and your pictures are wonderfull. I’ll be trying these for sure , to satisfy my chocolate craving!

  • I just stumbled across your website and tried the banana chip muffins. They were so yummy! And I’ve found many other recipes I want to try. Thanks for sharing all your recipes!!! My family and I really appreciate it!

  • I’ve had lava cakes at restaurants but not made them at home. This recipe looks easy and delicious!

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