Sugar Cookie Bars

This will be the last sweet treat I post for Valentine’s. Sugar cookies tend to be a Valentine traditional for a lot of people. If you want sugar cookies for Valentine’s, but don’t want all of the work, this could be your answer, Sugar Cookie Bars.

This recipe comes from Annemarie at Taste Buds. Annemarie and I like a lot of the same things when it comes to cooking. We both recently posted the same recipe one day. So thanks Annemarie, this recipe is a keeper.

This sugar cookie is spread out into a baking sheet to cook, no rolling and cutting here. Then topped with a yummy, sweet frosting and you cut the cookies into bars. At this point you could still have fun and top them off with sprinkles, chocolate hearts etc. Don’t miss out on sugar cookies for this Valentine’s, whip up these sugar cookie bars.

Sugar Cookie Bars |

Sugar Cookie Bars
  • 1 cup butter; room temp.
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 5 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ½ tsp soda
  1. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing after each egg. Add vanilla & mix well.
  2. In a separate bowl combine flour, salt & soda & stir with a whisk to combine. Add to wet mixture and mix just until combined. Spread on a greased baking sheet (use a 13 x 18 pan).
  3. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-15 min, until light golden brown or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool completely and frost.

  • ½ cup butter; room temp
  • ½ cup shortening
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 5 Tbsp milk
  • food coloring (if desired)
  1. For frosting combine butter and shortening until smooth and creamy. Add vanilla and salt.
  2. Add powdered sugar in 1-2 cup increments until combined, then add milk & mix until smooth and spreading consistency.
  3. Spread over cooled cookies.




41 comments on “Sugar Cookie Bars

  • Just made these to take to school for my daughter’s V-day party. Turned out fantastic! I baked them on Sunday and then Monday night cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter. They were just as soft and delicious Monday as they were fresh on Sunday. I should add I live in Denver, and made no adjustments for high altitude – no issues what-so-ever! Thanks for the recipe!

  • I am eating one of these as I write this. These are so good and moist and buttery. My husband does not like sweets so I brought them to work and everyone has loved them. The only thing I did different was use self rising flour cause that is what I had and made a cream cheese frosting, because I did not have REAL butter or shortening to make your frosting, but I look forward to making your frosting next time. Thanks so much!!!

  • Great recipe; thanks. My son wanted a sugar cookie cake and this recipe delivered. We just made two pans and ate a ton of the one we left unfrosted already, the night before the big day. Only suggestion—I had a little trouble spreading the batter in the pan but a ran my hands under cold water and then used them to spread the dough in the pan and it worked fine. Trying the frosting in the morning…

  • Thanks so much for this recipe! I usually hate sugar cookies (both the making and the eating) because they take so long to make and their soft, chewy texture doesn’t last. These are SO good. Thanks again!

  • Absolutely genius!!! Thanks for re-linking it on your last post! I might still cut out fun shapes with my cookie cutters for the little guy but it’ll save SO much agony of “normal” sugar cookies 🙂

  • Hi Laura, I’m from Malaysia. I’ve tried the sugar cookie bars recipe, its was so fantastic and my family love it. Thanks Laura!!!

  • Sorry, it was me, Jenna…not my husband..

  • Thanks for the help! Silly me, I just re-read your blog…of course you have it written right…I read “13×18” and my mind had immediately gone to a 9×13! (:

  • Hi there! I just tried this, and it turned out very thick–more like a cake…wondering if you have any suggestions?

  • I would love these!! I just came across your blog from the Foodie Blogroll…it’s great!!!

  • Ive never made sugar cookie bars before… these look great! I have been missing out! I love the pink icing and sprinkles – my kind of bar!

  • These came out great! I love sugar cookies without all the work.

  • These look so yummy! And I’m all for anything that minimizes the work 🙂

  • I came across your photo on TasteSpotting. Love the idea! They are in the oven as I type. Will let you know how they came out!

  • These look yummy! I love the idea of making them into bars!

  • This is the perfect treat to make for Valentine’s Day. I’m going to make these for my kids. They look absolutely SINFUL. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Keep the yumminess coming!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • These look sooo wonderful!

  • What a great idea! They look delish 🙂

  • These look so simple and terrific for the kids to help with. They can work for any holiday to with colored frostings. Thanks!!

  • Wow, that really looks delicious!

  • Yayyyy, no rolling & cutting! That's always my first criteria for trying out new cookie recipes. Excellent job!

  • Looks good. I love bar cookies & the frosting send it over the top. I wonder how a cream cheese frosting would taste?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe & Happy Valentine's!

  • Those are brilliant! I love sugar cookies but I usually avoid making them because I don’t like rolling and cutting. And you made them so pretty. 🙂

  • Thanks for the clarification on the pan size. I made these last week and only used a 9X13 pan and they were extremely thick and doughy. I’ll have to make them in a larger pan. Your look fantastic!

  • I might have to make these too tomorrow lol :-X just need some shortening..and maybe some more powdered sugar lol.

  • Oh this is just perfect! I will make these tomorrow for sure. Thank you!

  • What a great idea! And they look soooo good! Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

  • Glad you liked them!! I actually made them AGAIN yesterday…

  • Those looks so good I am going to give them a try.

  • This is such a great idea! My kids are always asking for sugar cookies but I don’t want to go to all the work of rolling them out. I’ll have to try this!

  • Those look good! I hate rolling and cutting sugar cookies. these would be perfect for me.

  • Umm Laura those look so good and that frosting yummo.

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