Parmesan Potatoes

Here is one of my Father’s Day sides.  For my Hubby, meat and potatoes is his favorite meal.  So my Father’s Day menu had to include potatoes.  These potatoes are tasty yet simple.  You can cook them on your grill or in the oven, it’s up to you.

I also have a giveaway for you today. The product, prize pack, and information for this giveaway have all been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark. The “Delicious Dessert” prize pack includes a box of the new Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars and an 8×8 metal baking pan.  A prize pack was also sent to me.  With layers of chocolate cookie crumbs sprinkled over mini marshmallows in a chewy gooey chocolate center and a crunchy chocolate cookie crust, my family gobbled up the whole pan.  My husband asked when I was going to made them again.

Here are what my Mississppi Mud Bars looked like.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment about an upcoming event or gathering at which you would most like to share Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars.  Unfortunately, you won’t have them for Father’s Day, but I am sure with it being summer you have some event or gathering coming up soon.  You have until Sunday June 20 at 10 pm (MST) to enter.  I will pick a winner and notify them by email on Monday June 21.

Parmesan Potatoes

  • 6 medium potatoes
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  1. Clean and cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes, leaving skins on.
  2. Mix together oil, Italian seasoning, salt, and garlic powder.  Drizzle over potatoes and toss to coat.
  3. If baking in oven, place potatoes in a baking dish and cover with foil.  If cooking on the grill, divide potatoes between two 12-14 inch pieces of foil, fold over and seal making a foil packet.
  4. For the oven, place pan in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes until potatoes are fork tender.  For grill, cook over a medium high preheated grill for 30-40 minutes until fork tender.
  5. Sprinkle cheese over poatotes and return to oven or grill uncovered and cook for 5 minutes or until cheese melts.

124 comments on “Parmesan Potatoes

  • Yummy!!! Id totally make these for my best friends baby shower!!! Im in charge and the theme is Owls, Chocolate and Books Oh My!! A take on the Wizard of Oz, everthing she s using is owls and her main craving is chocolat, chocolate and more chocolate and everyones asked to bring a book! This would be WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  • My husband and I are renewing our vows for our 25th anniversary and the reception will be all desserts…these brownies will be perfect!

  • Fourth of July with homemade vanilla ice cream sounds good.

  • I made these last night and my family LOVED them!!

  • These look delicious, even my picky hubby would eat this. Thank you for sharing!

  • YUM! I’d make these for our family reunion…and just for no reason at all!

  • I’d love to share these with my mom friends at our MOPS desert night later this summer!

  • My daughter loves to cook so we volunteered to make the snacks for Wacky Wednesdays for the kids at church. This would be awesome to make and take there!

  • One of my oldest and dearest friends is coming to visit for a few days at the end of the month. I’d love to share these brownies with her! Thanks!

  • There brownies…who needs an event? Yum.

  • Next family gathering will be my son’s 4th day party. I would make these for his birthday.

  • I love chocoloate! Personally, I don’t need a special event to bake a new dessert, so I create something to celebrate! Like being done with finals!! 🙂

  • My husbands office has a monthly potluck lunch and I am REQUIRED to send dessert – these would be great!

  • The next family gathering which is the first Sunday of the month.

  • I think these bar cookies would be great with an ordinary Sunday evening supper!

  • 4th of July church BBQ

  • 4th of July!

  • Family reunion dinner – first week of August. We can’t get enough chocolate!!!

  • I’d make them for a going away gathering coming up soon.

  • I don’t think I need a special gathering to take these too!! But, if I had to pick one, I would say a 4th of July BBQ coming up.

  • I would make these for a family gathering coming up in a couple of weeks:) We LOVE chocolate:)!!!

  • we are having a YW against the relief society softball game and this dessert would be perfect for that night!

  • I’m celebrating my birthday before we go on vacation so I told my husband he has to make me something chocolate. I’m sure these would be easy enough for him!

  • My son would love these for his birthday!

  • These would be a great treat to bring to my Mom-to-Mom group at the park.

  • I’d love to bring these to my book club!

  • I would serve them at our 4th of July family get-together. Or, maybe for our housewarming a few weeks later…

  • My grandson leaves for USAir Force Academy basic training on the 23rd of June. As soon as he is finished with 8 weeks of basic training, he’ll immediately start his college course work, play water polo, and yearn for some home cooked food. I’ll plan to send enough brownies for the 50 students in his group.

  • We get together every Sunday night with friends for dessert.

  • My birthday! I am not usually a cake lover, so those mud bars look like the perfect substitute.

    And the potatoes look delicious and easy.

  • I always struggle with what to bring to family reunions. We have three each year, one on my side and two on my husbands. Now, I know what I’m bringing!

  • It’s my daughter’s 3rd bday coming up and she hasn’t ever had a bday party before and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with her favorite food which is chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would love to serve these for my 2 sons birthdays. Their birthdays are only 12 days apart so we always try to celebrate them together and my soon to be 5 year old son is the BIGGEST CHOCOHOLIC. He tells everyone that he loves CHOCOLATE. I bet he would LOVE these.

  • A friend of ours is throwing a big crab feast in July. We’re supposed to bring a dessert and this would be perfect! I love all things marshmallow 🙂

  • I’d bring them over to a friend who is busy after just having her first baby (a little girl!) and hope that she would share a piece with me! (Or maybe I could preslice them, have one, and arrange them on a plate in a way where she’d never know I had a taste test 😀 )

  • A 4th of July party would be great with these!

  • Those look fantastic!! I’d get about 3 boxes of the mix when I go to Oregon and bake them for our July 4th family gathering weekend. No doubt they would please everyone, every age!

  • Those bars look absolutely YUMMY!!! My husband’s family gets together often for dinners and such. With the new baby coming into my family next week, those would be perfect for me to make and bring to our next family get together – most likely July 4th BBQ!

  • We have tons of company coming this summer, so I would love to make these for whoever arrives first! 😉

  • OMGosh… brownie…chocolate… marshmallows… cookie crumbles?! Pick me! Pick me!! Even if you did pick me they wouldn’t arrive in time for my birthday celebration next week, but I’ve got to get my hands on some of those right away! Thanks for sharing my already new favorite dessert!!

  • Do we really need an event or gathering?? I think Wednesday would be perfect for these brownies:)

  • I would make these for the 4th of July or our 7th anniversary July 19th! Yum yum yum, pick me 🙂

  • These would be great at our 4th of July party.

  • Mmm. I would love to take these to a neighborhood bbq. Maybe I would look like a better cook than I am! Plus, I melted one of my 8×8 baking pans (it was made of silicone and I broiled some stuff in it… oops.), so I only have one left. Another 8×8 would be lovely.

  • I’d make them for a dreery Monday. Sometimes you just need a bit of choc to cheer yourself up!

  • Yum! I think I would use them to lure my college kids home some weekend.:)

  • My husband and I are about to celebrate our FIRST anniversary next weekend and I made something similar per his request for his grooms cake. We are both chocolate lovers and this combines so much more than just chocolate. It would be the perfect treat for our anniversary. I love your website and have been taking your recipes and adding them to our menus at least once a week!

  • I have a class reunion coming up. One night is fancy and the next day is pot luck. I am sure they would be a big hit.

  • My family loves, loves, loves brownies. When Albies had a Betty Crocker Brownie sale – I was sure to stock up the pantry – but now we are almost out – we seem to enjoy brownies and ice cream often as our Sunday afternoon snack! ;-} Thanks for the info as we will be looking for them in the stores!

  • we have a family reunion coming up. and my family is chocolate lovers. they will absolutely LOVE this.

  • I LOVE brownies and they are an anytime snack, however, I have a lunch group and we eat lunch every Thursday. I like to bring treats to share during lunch and this would be a perfect treat to share.

  • We having a family reunion in July, these would be fabulous.

  • These brownies sound out of this world. I really don’t think I need a special occasion to make them- as my family would eat them anytime,anyday, anywhere!! I might even have to start looking for them at the grocery store- as brownies are a fixture around here! Thanks for bringing them to our attention! they sound absolutely YUM~

  • These would be perfect for our upcoming camping trip and I need new baking pans BAD! These look very tasty.

  • Does my own birthday count? Its on July 7th and these would be great warm with some coffee ice cream on top!

  • These sound AMAZING!
    I would make some for our family’s upcoming beach weekend reunion!

  • Love to make them for our fishing trip in August! YUMMY!!!

  • These sound incredible! I think I’d make these and hide them so I can have them all!

  • Ooh, my in-laws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on July 4th and these would be perfect!!

  • Both the potatoes and brownies look tasty! I would love to serve the brownies at our monthly G.A.S. Night (Gather and Socialize).

  • I will be having a big 4th of July party at my house and these would be perfect to eat while watching the fireworks. I love brownies.. or anything chocolate for that matter.. yum!

  • I bake goodies for everyone in my Church on their birthday (we’re small or I couldn’t) and I’ve got 3 birthdays coming up this summer–all of them big chocolate lovers so I’m sure whoever I chose to give these too would be so appreciative!

  • On July 5 or 6 I will be getting together with my parents and 5 brothers and sisters. With all of us in 4 different states, and one brother in the Air Force, we can’t get together often – the stars happened to align this year. In fact it has been around 15 years since all of us were together. (We are just hoping that my brother’s latest scheduled deployment to the Middle East doesn’t mess up our planned reunion!)

  • I bake at least twice a week, so I could bake these for a Family Home Evening or just for fun!

  • I think your potatoes look divine! I would use the chocolate bars to celebrate my children’s good report cards. we always have a special dinner and these would be great.

  • In a perfect world I’d be able to travel with them to GA for the homecoming cookout for my nephew. He’s in the Army and been in Korea for the past year and will be back in GA (my home state) soon. Unfortunately it’s not affordable to travel home right now. I’ll be there in spirit though and have instructed lots of hugs be given to him on my behalf! These look really tasty!

  • I have a ladies luncheon over the 4th of July with my Baptist church. I pulled “dessert” out of the bowl this time. My ladies LOVE chocolate as my previous endeavors have proven. I have made regular Betty Crocker brownies in the past and I think it took about 10 seconds, 12 tops, for the entire pan to be polished off! These look absolutely delicious and I know we all would love to endulge ourselves into pure chocolate marshmellow bliss!

  • I bring goodies over to my Mom and Dad’s house on a regular basis as my Mom is going through Chemotherapy and doesn’t do much cooking anymore. She absolutely loves chocolate, so these would be a big hit (and a nice change from the sheet cake she usually requests).

    Those potatoes sound/look great. I’m going to try that one, soon!

  • I would make them for my going away party. I’m moving and sad.

  • ANY DAY would be special enough to make these, and would cure my chocolate cravings…but I would make these for 4th of July for sure!

  • My family is having a HUGE family reunion in AUgust. I would definitely be taking the brownies with me then and gaining some “brownie points”. ; D

  • I have lots of things coming up this summer! But I love having desserts around just for fun! Especially brownies! Yum!

  • We are having a family reunion the beginning of July. My brother, his wife and new baby(we haven’t seen him yet) are coming home from New Mexico. I think everyone would love to gobble these brownies up. I love your blog. Love you recipes!!

  • I’d share them at my monthly book group!

  • yea!!! missippissi mud was one of my fav’s growing up! i could never get the recipe from the baker who would bring them to family parties so i would love to win this! AND who doesn’t NEED another baking dish?!?!

  • I would love to have these at our neighborhood bbq. Yum.

  • Any day is good enough for me! They look fabulous.

  • I would make them for my MIL just because I love her. She loves my Mississippi Mud Cake and I know she would love these bars too!!

  • I would make them for us to eat while watching fireworks on the fourth of July. We are a brownie loving family and these would be a hit!

  • I would make them for my boys to celebrate their last day of school on July 2nd! They would be in Heaven!!

  • I would fix these for no reason at all…just because I’m pregnant and deserve it 🙂

  • All of my family gets together every other Sunday and I just know everyone would LOVE these!!

  • Share? Do I have to? I wouldn’t wait for a special occasion; I’d make them on a Sunday for dessert that night, then for my hubby to take with his work lunches that week. But what I really want is that pan! No rolled edges on the sides to trap water and get rusty. I must have it!

  • Since our parents have both passed away we have tried to think of ways we could keep the family close. One idea was to have dessert parties where everyone brings a dessert to share. These Betty Crocker Mississippi Mud Supreme Bars would be perfect to start off this new family tradition!!!

  • Um I just want to eat them. They look amazing.. and those pototoes…. I plan to try them tonight.. thanks for the idea

  • Those look like they would be perfect for the fourth of July!!!!!

  • I would use them for my birthday! Those look so good they can replace my cake.. 🙂

  • We have family gatherings over the 4th of July and everyone LoVeS brownies!

  • Every Sunday our family meets for dinner. I’m usually incharge of dessert. I like to try different things and have them give them a try! These brownies would be a HUGE hit!

  • I have 5 kids ages 2-7, so EVERYday is an event for us :). We could make those brownies disappear in 2 minutes- easy!

  • We have a family reunion in July and we are all chocaholics! 🙂

  • yum those potatoes look good! I would make those tasty looking bars for 4th of July!

  • We have a multiple birthday parties planned for this summer where this would come in handy! Thanks!

  • These browning would be perfect for any occasion, we usually have lots of family get togethers/cookouts thoughout the summer, these would be perfect for that. Love your blog!

  • These little beauties would be great to serve to my grandsons at the family pool. Oh, and Grandma and Papa would enjoy them, too!

  • I am the mother of 4 boys—yes FOUR BOYS! We have a Cub Scout Pack meeting (again) coming up in a couple of weeks that I am required to bring a dozen treats for. These Mississippi Mud bars looks like a Cub Scout DELIGHT!

  • This would be a great dessert for our family vacation at Bear Lake!

  • I’ve got a picky husband who loves brownies (or anything chocolate). We have not one but two cookouts at our house the weekend of the 4th of July. I’m already scouring your pages for recipe ideas. These would definitely be great as a dessert for at least one of those cookouts!

  • We’ve got a family reunion coming up in July. Perfect time to make and devour these delicious-looking bars!

  • Looks like a perfect treat to share while watching fireworks on the 4th of July!

  • My family and I go on a week long vacation every year in bear lake, it would bo get to have these there.

  • We are heading down to Saint George for a family vacation and Tuacahn. Each family is in charge of dinner and dessert for a night. I would love to surprize them with these Mississippi Mud Supreme bars, they look Sooooooooo good!!!!! Every time we have a gathering, everybody requests that I make your Over The Top Brownies, it’s now our family favorite!!!!! I bet they would fall in love with these also!

  • We’ve got a b-day coming up soon!

  • I would love to share these when I get together with all my side of the family for FHE. That way I wouldn’t be finishing off the pan all by myself. 🙂

  • I would love to share this with my neice-to-be. She loves making treats with me when she comes over to play. FYI…if we make them once she’ll want to make them everytime she comes over. 🙂

  • My daughter is getting married this summer. We will have several family members in from out of state and will need to feed them. These would make an awesome addition to one of our meals.

  • I would share them with my office staff. I love sharing goodies I make.

  • I would love to serve them at game night. We invite friends over to eat dessert and play board games. It is a lot of fun!

  • I think it would be a perfect treat for my girls and myself while Dad’s gone at scout camp!! BTW, I love your blog!

  • How about for the kiddos when they get back from visiting with their father over the summer?

  • Through the summer every Thursday night our neighborhood has a potluck picnic in the park to keep everyone connected and feeling included this would be an excellent opportunity to share 🙂 Thanks!

  • Mt daughter is coming home from college and loves choclate, I could make them for her.

  • Would love to serve these at a family party celebrating my father-in-law’s 75th birthday!

  • I would like to have my husband make these for us. The beginning of next week we are having our 2nd baby.

  • 4th of July BBQ would be a perfect time to try these brownies!

  • I have a family reunion coming up in July that I would love to serve them at. Thanks 🙂

  • We are having a lot of family over for my son’s 8th birthday. These would be great to have on hand.

  • I’ve recently discovered your blog and I love it! Your recipes sound yummy! As for a brownie occasion, I agree with Felicia that anytime is great for brownies! I also think my family would love me if I made these for the 4th of July. 😉

  • My son’s first birthday or the 4th of July!

  • Just having the brownies would be a great excuse to invite some friends over!

  • I would love to share them at an upcoming barbecue with friends. Thanks!

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