My New Home – Flooring

When picking the flooring out for a new home, the builder included hardwood floors. However, after discussing things with Bowcutt Flooring, we chose a laminate over a hardwood.

COREtec laminate flooring is a higher end flooring and costs as much as getting hardwood. However, it doesn’t require the maintenance that a hardwood floor does and the other thing that I loved is it is 100% waterproof. So if there ever is an issue it will never swell when exposed to water. It also includes core backing to deaden the sound.

COREtec Alabaster oak

We chose the Alabaster Oak Color for my whole main floor living area which includes 2 hallways and my great room with the kitchen, dining area, and sitting area. I love the black, brown, and grey tones in this color. My laundry room and a small patch at the front door entry are tile along with both bathrooms on the main floor. The tile company we dealt with only deals with builders so I am not going to share my tile choices because I am not sure if you will be able to find them.

All the bedrooms upstairs and office had carpeting placed in them and my entire basement with the exception of one bathroom are carpeted.  We went with a Stainmaster carpeting. We ended up picking a higher end carpeting (5 star rating) to go in the basement family room and hallway/stairs due to high traffic, but went with a lower quality carpet (3 star rating) in the same color in the bedrooms with the exception of my daughters bedroom. We put a completely different color in her room.

In her room we picked a lighter color called Kercheval Petit Point. So the rest of the house was Kercheval Sentry color and the high traffic areas are the Kercheval Premier in the same Sentry color. I am hoping by going with a higher end carpet in the higher traffic areas that it will hold up better.

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