My New Home – Lighting

This week I still have more to share with you about my new home. I promise to get back to the recipes next week.

With most of my house, we opted for can lighting as the main lighting through most of the house with the exclusion of bathrooms and 4 of the 5 bedrooms. We went with the lighting provided by the builder in the bedrooms and in one bathroom.

In the kitchen there was a spot for 2 pendant lights. I wanted something simple and decided on these simple ones from amazon with seeded glass. They were exactly what I was looking for plus you couldn’t beat the price at right around $25 each.

Then for our master bathroom we went for this 5 light vanity light bar from Lowe’s. We also chose this 4 light vanity light  from Lowe’s for my boys bathroom in the basement. I was excited about the look of both and loved the prices.

For a light to go over the stairway to the basement, I really wanted something that would stand out. My husband had much different ideas than I had, but we both finally agreed upon this Stockholm Chandelier from IKEA. It doesn’t provide a ton of light with just one light bulb, but it was what we were looking for to make a statement with the light. It’s definitely a show pieces as people come in my home.

We had two areas where we added in ceiling fans. The first is in the sitting area right off the kitchen. We didn’t want your typical ceiling fan and wanted something again that would definitely make a statement in the room. We finally found what we wanted on line at a site called We wanted a fan only with no light in them and fell in love with this canvas blade version. This definitely was the right choice!

The other fan was for our bedroom and we wanted something simple. We weren’t looking to make a statement with this one. I wanted it to blend into the room. We found this simple white one on the site too and went with it.

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I simply wanted to share my knowledge and experience with my readers.

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