Virgin Pina Coladas

I love pina coladas and staying out of the rain! This seriously is the easiest and best tasting pina colada ever. Only 2 ingredients are needed in addition to ice. I don’t count ice as an ingredient.

Now, I don’t drink so this recipe is completely a virgin version. Make this to sip on as you sit by the pool or pretend to sit on an amazing Caribbean beach (which is what I like to do, I imagine a couple of different beaches I have been to).

Virgin Pina Coladas |

Virgin Pina Coladas
  • 1 can of Coco Lopez
  • 1 (20 oz) can of pineapple chunks
  1. Place the Coco Lopez and can of pineapple (including the juice) into a blender and process until smooth. This will be your base.
  2. To make a drink, blend 1 cup of base with 1-2 cups of ice until smooth and desired thickness.
To make it extra special you can use a cup or so of vanilla ice cream in place of the ice.

Recipe adapted from Fresh Living.




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