Super Soft Playdough

I have another playdough recipe for ya today. This one is NOT edible but is just as easy to make as the recipe I shared yesterday.

It only takes 2 ingredients to make and they are items you should have in the house – cornstarch and  hair conditioner. Kind of crazy, but it works.

The conditioner is what makes this playdough super soft. It will also take on the color of whatever the color your conditioner is. Mine was like a turquoise color. You can always add food coloring if you want it to be a specific color.

Super Soft Playdough |

Super Soft Playdough
  • 1 part Hair Conditioner
  • 2 parts Corn Starch
  1. Combine the ingredients together until they form a soft dough.

Adapted from Kids Activity Blog.


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