Cranberry Pomegranate Jello

I found this recipe recently on What’s Cookin?. It was posted by Cheryl. I was excited to try another way to use pomegranates. I also found it interesting that it also included cranberries. Let me just tell you that I love this salad and will be making it frequently. The cranberries, however, didn’t really do anything for me. I think it would be fine to leave them out or substitute some shredded apple in it’s place. I took a picture of this before I put the whipped cream on so you could really see what this looks like. Make sure you don’t skip adding the whipped cream on top, it’s wonderful. You can also see my instruction on how to clean a pomegranate HERE. Thanks Cheryl for another fabulous recipe.

Cranberry Pomegranate Jello
1 small package orange Jello
1 small package raspberry Jello
1 package frozen raspberries with syrup crushed (I used a 10 oz package)
1 Pomegranate – arils only
3/4 C. chopped cranberries
1 cup whipped cream, whipped and sweetened
In a large serving dish or jello mold dissolve both packages of Jello in 2 C. Hot water, once dissolved add 1 C. cold water. After Jello is mixed, add fruits and stir. Place Jello in fridge to set. Once Jello is set, serve with whipping cream.

3 comments on “Cranberry Pomegranate Jello

  • I am soooo happy you posted this recipe! I loved pomegranate salad at Thanksgiving! I’m hosting this year and the recipe my Mom gave me was too labor intensive. . this is just perfect! Thanks!

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