20 Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

Today I have put together 20 recipes to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy!


  1. Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup (pictured above)
  2. Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Noodle Soup (pictured above)
  3. Creamy Turkey and Rice Soup
  4. Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup
  5. Turkey and Green Bean Casserole
  6. Monte Cristo Casserole
  7. No Cream of Soup Hawaiian Haystacks
  8. Country Style Casserole 
  9. Skillet Turkey Tetrazzini (pictured above)
  10. Turkey Fried Rice (Use leftover in place of ground turkey and just cook onions)
  11. Chicken (Turkey) a la King
  12. Turkey Skillet Fettuccine
  13. Cranberry Turkey Enchiladas
  14. Turkey Cranberry Quesadillas (pictured above)
  15. Turkey Cranberry Wreath
  16. Thanksgiving Bundles
  17. Costco Turkey and Provolone Sandwich
  18.  Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo
  19. Easy Turkey Salad Wraps
  20. Turkey and Rosemary Pockets

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