NeatDesk® Review and Giveaway

This holiday season, why not give the gift that everyone needs — organization. Let’s face it, today’s society is moving at warp speed and between the information that dominates both professional and personal lives, people are desperately trying to gain control. The  Neat® Company’s popular Digital Filing System solutions, NeatDesk® and NeatReceipts® is great option and is enhanced with the new capabilities offered by NeatCloud® and NeatMobile®.

No more searching through stacks of paper or browsing through your emails to find the documents you need. Now, with NeatCloud, you can take advantage of cloud based backup, allowing you to retrieve, share, and activate your information across multiple platforms. Additionally, NeatMobile provides a new way of acquiring information, you can scan items directly from your mobile device.

Make Life Simple with Neat:  

  • Manage a budget by scanning personal receipts with your mobile device or scanner. Users can create expense and spending reports within Neat’s software which syncs with NeatCloud, allowing instant access.
  • Utilize Neat’s software to create tax reports, file receipts for tax returns, and export files directly to TurboTax and view files anytime via NeatCloud
  • Instantly access and share important documents that are scanned with NeatDesk or NeatReceipts such as: insurance forms, medical documents, and tax forms
  • Create a digital recipe box by scanning magazine clippings and uploading recipes from favorite websites. With the help of NeatCloud you can share them with a friend
  • Scan children’s artwork and report cards with NeatDesk, NeatReceipts, or NeatMobile and with the help of NeatCloud, share them with loved ones

These new products offer many expanded features, allowing seamless access to personal information anytime and from anywhere including:

  • Sync:  When information is added to Neat’s Digital Filing System it’s synchronized between all devices.  For example, files scanned with NeatDesk or NeatReceipts are saved to Neat’s software and automatically synced with NeatCloud.  They are also available to be viewed through the NeatMobile application.
  • Share: NeatCloud users can share individual files or folders with anyone.  The person with whom they share will be able to view only the selected file or folder.  If a folder is shared, parties will be able to exchange comments on the documents within the shared folder.
  • Expanded Search:   Neat users can now find information they may have stored in multiple cloud services including Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote.  Users simply type a search term, pick the services they want to search and access the relevant search results from a single Neat interface.  Searches can be saved and will automatically continue to add files that match that search criteria.
  • NeatVerifyImages captured with mobile devices may suffer from poor environmental effects such as a shaky hand, bad lighting or image skewing.  For near perfect accuracy, users of NeatMobile can sign up for NeatVerify, a monthly subscription service that ensures that data taken from images is 99% accurate.

In addition to NeatCloud and NeatMobile, The Neat Company has also released NeatScan®, a mail-in, bulk scanning service that scans paper documents for Neat users and sends digitized versions directly into their NeatCloud account. NeatScan is crucial for those with limited time or large amounts of paper clutter.

I was sent a NeatDesk® to try for myself.  I thought it would be a great way to organize all of my recipes that I have from magazines, etc.  I also thought it would be great to manage my paper from bills too.  Here is what I thought.


  • Scans fast
  • Scans both sides at the same time
  • Can scan in black and white or color
  • You can type in a word and it will find anything that has the keyword in it
  • There is a scan to pdf format option
  • You can make folders for all of your scans


  • Sometimes papers can get twisted or wrinkled as going through the the scanner
  • The NeatCloud did slow down the program used for NestDesk.  We are currently not using the NeatCloud.
  • It would be nice if it had bluetooth or wireless capabilities instead of only USB.
Overall, I think the NeatDesk is a great tool to manage all of your paperwork instead of a traditional filing cabinet.

The Neat Company has provided a NeatDesk unit along  with a free 30 day trial of NeatCloud and NeatMobile for a RMK reader .  I am trying out a new program for entering giveaways.  Look at the widget below on how to enter and the time frame for the giveaway.  Also, when you do comment, I would love any feedback on the new process.

Disclosure: I received a NestDesk and  opportunity to give one away, but my opinions are my own.

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29 comments on “NeatDesk® Review and Giveaway

  • I would really like it for all my receipts.

  • That would be so great for organizing and decluttering my kitchen!!

  • This would be extremely helpful in eliminating the piles of paper that accumulate from receipts, copies of paid bills, and, of course, copies of recipes printed from your website.

  • All my bills!

  • would love to try this

  • My husband just graduated college in May after going for 10 years. He saw a commercial for this and said that’s what he needed for all his school papers. We’d love to win it!

  • My husband graduated from college this May after going for 10 years and he saw this on TV and said this is what he needed for all his school papers. We would love to win one!

  • I’d love to use this for receipts and my kids’ artwork.

  • This sounds like a system worth trying!

  • I couldn’t figure out how to comment on the Rafflecopter thing.

    I would LOVE to organize all our receipts and bills. I could eliminate the mountains of paper on my desk.

    Sigh…what a thought!! 🙂

    thanks for the chance

  • My husband is a teacher and could really use this for his school stuff. I am a diabetic with an insulin pump and would use it to keep all of my medical stuff together.. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  • I’d love to scan magazine clippings 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    Rafflecopter is my FAVORITE method of entering giveaways. I’m so glad you’re trying it and hope you’ll keep it!

  • I would use this to organize my recipes!

  • This would be perfect for all the random bits of paper I have all over my house.

  • Mostly receipts for big purchases and medical bills I’ve paid. Would sure make life easier, and a lot less cluttered!

  • I’d love to finally organize all those loose receipts and old medical documents.

  • Oh my gosh…I totally need this because I am such a pile-er! I have a pile of papers in my kitchen and a few piles on my desk. I always think I’ll get around to going through the stacks, but they just get higher until I have had it!

  • I would love it to oranize my recipes!

  • This wouls be way cool for organizing that awful drawer full of receits that somehow never seem to get filed. Then tax time is awful! I didn’t know they made such a thing. We are definitely going to have to check these out!

  • I would love to scan receipts so that I know before I shop how much money I can spend.

  • I’ve been working on scanning, dating, typing out old letters and documents of my parents and grandparents. This would be excellent accompaniment to that project.

  • I decided that I was going to start organizing my life and making sure that I keep all important documents together. This would just make it so much easier to store everything right in my computer

  • It would be so nice to organize so many different things on this!

  • WOW i need this! – i have way to much clutter and papers! This would change my life as well as anyone who has ever asked me for a paper and i begin the search! LOL I would love to win this and hear more about your reviews of this product!! Thanks!

  • I need one of these things so bad!! My counter is full of stuff that needs organized! I’m the worst at doing that 🙂

  • Converting all my loose documents into electronic like I have been meaning too but haven’t got around to. It would be so much easier to get organized if I could scan multiple documents at the same time.

  • This would be a great way to scan all my son’s medical documents into the computer and store them for easy access.