Philly Cheese Rolls and a Giveaway

Did you know that Box Top coupons have raised over $300 million for schools?  From now until March 18 you can earn even more box tops for the school of your choice.  The Kroger Family of stores (for me it’s Smith’s) is giving you the chance to earn bonus box tops.

All you have to do is register at and select the personalized offers that you would like to receive.

Once you register, you will automatically receive 5 Bonus Box Tops just for signing up! You will also receive custom offers for bonus box tops for purchasing participating General Mills products. The offers you select will then load onto your Kroger Shopper Card to be redeemed once you purchase the items. The great part is there´s no clipping! The Bonus Box Tops will automatically go straight to your chosen school. Just remember to scan your card when purchasing the participating items.

You can get 3,4, or 5 Bonus Box Tops by purchasing participating General Mills Cereals, Yoplait Kid products, and Pillsbury products. To help you get some bonus box tops, I am offering a Kroger Family of Stores $25 gift card thanks to General Mills who provided me with the gift card, information, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark.

To enter, just leave a comment about how box tops have helped your school or what box top items you would want to buy if you were the winner of the $25 KrogerFamily of Stores gift card. You have until Sunday February 21 at midnight (MST) to enter.  The winner will be chosen using and will be notified on Monday by email.

Now on to the recipe.  This recipe utilizes 2 packages or refrigerator biscuits, but you could easily make bigger ones using the Grands biscuits, which would earn you bonus box tops at the Kroger Family of stores if you so desire.  I found this recipe on a site called Blogging It’s What’s for Dinner.  These are simple and oh so delicious.  The pats of butter help make the cinnamon sugar get al crispy.  Love em!

picture of philly cheese roll

Philly Cheese Rolls

  • 2 cans refrigerator biscuits (the small size with 10 in a can)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 8 oz block Philadelphia cream cheese, cut into 20 pieces (I used the reduced fat)
  • 3 TBS butter
  1. Preheat oven to 400*. In a small bowl, combine sugar and cinnamon.
  2. Open biscuits and place all 20 biscuits on a plate, so that you can create an assembly line.
  3. Flatten the biscuit,  place 1/2 tsp cinnamon sugar mixture in center of biscuit followed by a piece of cream cheese.
  4. Then bring one side over the other and seal, pinching the sides together.
  5. Place on a greased cookie sheet, about 2-3 inches apart. REPEAT  process 19 more times.(I was able to get them all on my jelly roll pan)
  6. Once they are all rolled up, sprinkle a little more cinnamon sugar on the tops. Cut butter into small pats, and place a pat on top of each roll. (You’ll have some leftover cinnamon sugar.  Just save it for cinnamon toast)
  7. Bake at 400* for 12-15 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve warm, or at room temperature.

48 comments on “Philly Cheese Rolls and a Giveaway

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  • Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made them and wrote about them here:

    I don’t think I sealed them properly. They opened up as they rose during baking. The good thing was that I figured out I could close them a bit with a toothpick as they cooled. While they weren’t anything special to look at, they sure were tasty. Thanks again!

  • This sounds very nummy! I will be making it soon, FYI mixing cinnamon with Xylitol instead of sugar tastes alot better and it won’t rot your teeth out and is great for diabetics!

  • I have a daughter in elementary school, they get a popcorn party for the class that collects the most so it’s a great incentive to save more boxtops.

  • I have just started saving box tops to give to the school my sons will attend when they are older. It feels good to do even little things to support their education!
    We would buy cereal and fruit snacks, fruit snacks, fruit snacks!

  • Bisquick Heart Smart mix for pancakes. Mmm.

  • I no longer have a child in elementary school, but I always save my box tops for the neighborhood kids. I really enjoy the Pillsbury mixes, brownies, cookies, cakes, etc.

  • This is a great giveaway! I give my boxtops to my niece, since I don’t have kids yet. She goes to the elementary school where her mom and I went – so I love feeling like I am giving to her school and back to where I started!

    I get most of my box tops from pillsbury products – rolls and cookies.

  • Our school has started out small and so Box tops has been a great way to make money and help our teachers with supplies. We simply divided it between them. Now, with a few grades, we are really able to collect more and more and have fun contests in our school. I love this program!

  • We save Boxtops! My son’s class always wins for having the most and they get a brownie and ice cream party!!! I try to buy everything I can that has boxtops – cereal, yogart, kleenex, TP, cake mix, fruit snacks, etc.

  • This sounds like a great treat for after school. I can not wait to try them. Thanks.

  • We always turn in about $200 of our own boxtops that we collect to the schools. I use everything from GM that has boxtops. Plus I am always looking for the bonus box top deals. My son’s school has bought new library books, playground equipment and even finished their gym/lunchroom with box top money.

  • We’ve collected box tops for 8 years now! Our school is considered a ‘Title 1’ school so all the money and grants we can get we work on getting.
    My kids LOVE yogurt!

  • Those rolls look yummy 😀

    We’ve been collecting boxtops for years! We love the fact the money goes to our school and we don’t have to sell as much “stuff” for fundraising!!

  • I would want to buy cereal! We buy so much cereal it’s not even funny..

  • Our local IGA store has bins that hold the box tops and points. You can choose where you want them to go, and IGA takes care of getting them to the school. Makes it so easy! Love the blog!

  • We love box tops! My son is in Pre-K, so this is new to us but would love to share more box tops with the school.

  • We LOVE Boxtops – Almost to the point of being obsessed with collecting them! My twin seven year old girls trample over each other to see who can get to the box top first anytime I bring home GoGurts, Pillsbury rolls, fruit snacks, Pull Ups, cereal – you name it!

  • I would love to buy Cheerios if I won. WE collect box tops and send them to school! They are great help! Thanks!

  • I save them all for my grandson, he looks for the baggie full everytime he visits. As a Weight Watcher I eat Honey Nut Cheerios before bedtime almost everynight.

  • We get them from Pull-Ups – hopefully that will soon be in the past!

  • I always saved box tops even before my kids went to schools. I would give them to my cousin for her kids. They are so very helpful.

    We love to buy Go gurts. They are a staple in our house 🙂

  • I always give my boxtops to my nephew and he gets so excited when I bring him some!

  • I love to help school by sending in box tops and my son loves the new playground equipment that they got. With a 25.00 gift card I would buy some hamburger helper and tp. thanks

  • Love boxtops. Thanks for the Kroger info. I used to be the boxtops rep at one school I worked at. My last school used their boxtops for plaground stuff – new mulch, trees, swings, balls etc. Not sure what this school uses them for, but I still collect and send them. I get them from cereal, diapers, toilet paper, pillsbury dough, yogurts…

  • Our school has gotten a nice marquie, computers and more. Box tops are great!

  • We love to collect box tops for our school. My kids love to be the one to add it to “the Bag”we have. I would use the gift card for CEREAL. With 3 boys plus a hubby that eat cereal everyday we go through a few boxes a week.

    Thanks for all of your great recipes. Many have become family favorites here.

  • I have never commented, but I’ve made several of your recipes, and we have been very pleased with all of them!

    My sons’ school collects box tops, too, but I don’t know how they’re used. Hmmm…I would use a gift card for both cereal and Pillsbury pizza dough. We’re big fans of pizza!

  • I get boxtops from cereal, fruit snacks, diapers, kleenex… so many things! I would use a gift card to buy more. 🙂

  • My kids aren’t in school yet, but I still save the Box Tops and give them to my nieces/nephews. I think it’s a great program, and I love so many of the Box Top products!

  • Our school tells us how much money they collect from box tops, but I’ve never asked what they have used that money for….now I’m curious. I would love to use the gift certificate to stock up on General Mills cereal!

  • We always collect box tops, I know our school has used them to buy books and PE equipment. We get them off of gogurts and cereal boxes.

  • We always collect box tops, I know our school has purchased books and PE equipment with theirs. We usually get them from our cereal boxes

  • These look really good! I am definitely going to try them.

  • Oh wow these look awesome! My parents always saved t hose – from cereal!!

  • I have to admit I haven’t collected box tops before. I’ve thought about it, but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll do better though since my daughter is only in kindergarten.

    I love all products w/box tops, especially cereal (which we eat a lot at our house).

  • I’ve been collecting box tops for years. Our last elementary school bought smart boards for almost every classroom. We get a ton of box tops from cold cereal, fruit snacks and granola bars.

  • I have had good intentions of collecting box tops but rarely do it. At a recent PTA meeting they talked about the program and have an easily accesible drop off box so my intentions are renewed. We get juicy juice boxes frequently and many cereals with box tops. THanks for keeping good recipes coming. The fairly recent hot fudge pudding was a family favorite of mine in the Betty Crocker cookbook, too. Nostalgic.

  • I’ve been collecting box tops for several years, but had to donate to my neighbor’s children (since my oldest is in kindergarten this year). I’m not sure what the school has purchased with the box tops. We buy lots of box top cereals, granola bars, ziplock bags, etc. Thanks for the contest!

  • We love participating in box top program for my daughters school. Last year they got a climbing wall! Thanks for the give away!

  • I LOVE collecting the box tops! My son goes to a charter school, with less funding than other public schools, and the money reaaly helps them get the things they need. We’ve collected 50 so far this year!

  • My oldest is in kindergarten, so we’re new to this, but I’ve definitely been collecting them and he loves turning them in. We love getting Go-gurts, fruit snacks and pillsbury rolls.

  • I know that box tops have been used at my sons’ school for extra PE equipment and field trips. It is easy to save them and then send them on to school. A few seconds really does help the school.


  • I JUST sent in a ziploc bag full, maybe $15 worth to my daughter’s school. I have been doing this for years.

    Your recipes are so good and the one above is no exception.

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