Flashback Friday – Jacketed Tacos

Today is the first post of a new series I have planned called Flashback Friday.  I am going to go back through my archives and make some of those recipes from when I first started my blog.  This way they can get a new and improved picture along with a printable recipe format.  Plus,  you can get a look at some recipes you might not be aware of on my site.  My family also gets to eat some recipes that they love.  With all the cooking I do they want to have some of those recipes I shared when I first started.

First recipe that gets a facelift is jacketed tacos.  This is definitely a family favorite and is a fun and different way to have tacos.  The photo is definitely an improvement.  I shared this recipe in Jan 2009, which was the first year I had my blog.  Just click on the photo below and it will take you to the original post.  Also, you can use the sore bought crispy taco shells to make these or make your own using the recipe I shared earlier this week.

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