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For today’s Fab Five, I decided to share my 5 favorite food magazines to subscribe to.  There are so many out there and I have tried a lot of them.  Some were a waste of money.  However, these 5 are ones that I make sure to renew.

First up is Simple & Delicious magazine from Reiman Publications.  I have been subscribing to this magazine since 1999.  It is full of recipes that are quick to make.  The magazine use to be called Quick Cooking but changed the name in 2006.

Simple & Delicious

Next is Taste of Home.  This magazine is a sister publication to Simple and Delicious and is the more well know publication for Reiman Publications.  It is full of recipes that are just as good as Simple and Delicious but may not be as quick to make.  It uses less convenience items in the recipes.  Taste of Home also has a website with recipes from all of their publications old issues and is another great resource.

Taste of Home (1-year)

Another great one is Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine.  You can frequently find issues of this magazine at your grocery check stand.  You can buy it there or just get it sent to your door.  They have even started to include recipes from bloggers in their magazine.

Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine

Food Network Magazine is another one I love.  Each issue they have a restaurant recipe that they share their copy cat version recipe for.  I also like the little booklets inside each month.  This month’s booklet was “50 Brownies”.  Another part I love is a page where they take a seasonal item and tell you how to enjoy it a different way for each day of the month.  For example, in the fall one month could be all about cranberries.

Food Network Magazine (1-year auto-renewal)

Last is Cooking With Paula Deen.  I tend to gravitate most to her dessert recipes but have found other yummy recipes like Bacon Cheeseburger Soup and Macaroni Salad.  Other recipes have inspired me to make things like these patriotic parfaits.

Cooking With Paula Deen


3 comments on “Fab Five Magazines

  • Last year I had a magazine of the month feature on my blog where I featured one magazine each month and 4-5 recipes from the magazine and a review. Some were magazines I subscribed to regularly but others I wanted to try out. You are right some are good and others are not! The Food Network and Taste of Home are two of my top faves!

  • I just subscribed to Simple and Delicious, after reading this post! I used to have it when it was Quick Cooking and loved it. So I am looking forward to receiving it again! Thanks for the reminder.

  • I really like Simple & Delicious … in fact, I was drooling over the bufflao chicken pasta bake & the roast beef pot pie in the latest issue …. I think I will be making the pot pie for my parent’s soon 🙂 and I enjoy the Food Network mag too!! Great choices

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