IKEA Fab Five

I recently talked about a  trip I made to our local IKEA.  If you are lucky enough to live near one you really must go.  Here are some of my favorite items from there.

I got this beautiful glass serving bowl for $2.99. Perfect for serving salad or even a trifle!

TRYGG Serving bowl, clear glass Diameter: 11 " Height: 6 "  Diameter: 28 cm Height: 15 cm

I also purchased this set of  food storage containers for just $3.99 and LOVE them! I really need to get another set.

I have had this set of mixing bowls for a while – only costs $4.99.  I use them all the time.  I especially love them for mixing up waffle and pancake batter.

I also love these bendable chopping board.  You can transfer whatever you chop with ease.  Plus it is only $2.99 for 2 of them.

You can even eat at IKEA.  I tried their Swedish meatballs and the were delish.  Ask for extra lingonberries if you ever get the chance to have them.

Swedish Meatballs

3 comments on “IKEA Fab Five

  • I love those bowls, and the food storage! and those cutting boards! I also buy those for shower gifts, they are fabulous!

  • I LOVE IKEA although our closest one is about 40 minutes away! I’ll make the drive when I need tea-lights for my candles as well as serving bowls for parties. They have the BEST white porcelian bowls for the best price too 🙂

  • I *really* miss Ikea. We are in El Paso, TX due to an Army move….and basically it is in the desert. In the middle of nowhere. LOL! Love the glass bowl, and the mixing bowls look amazing. I love eating there, it is super cheap!

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