Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods

Banana Bowls |

I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day! For me, Mother’s Day shopping can be a challenge. Well, I recently got some fun things from a site called Uncommon Goods. It is a great place to shop for gifts and I had to share with all of you. First, I got this fun parlor ice... Read More

Taco Rice Skillet

Taco Rice Skillet |

I love to make Mexican style meals for my family. They are always a hit with everyone. Sargento® Fine Cut Shredded 4 Cheese Mexican is a key ingredient in these meals and I pick it up at my local Kroger store (Smith’s). The off-the-block freshness of Sargento® Fine Cut Shredded 4 Cheese Mexican makes a... Read More

Flashback Friday – Cheesy Salsa Mini Meatloaves

Cheesy Salsa Mini Meatloaves |

Meatloaf is a classic dinner dish but requires about an hour to cook. These mini versions are ready in less than half the time. The salsa add some nice flavor and who doesn’t love a little cheese on top. Give this one a try if you haven’t yet. Cheesy Salsa Mini Meatloaves  

Huevos Rancheros Casserole

Huevos Rancheros Casserole |

Baked egg and potato dishes are a breakfast classic. However, there are so many variations. I have quite a few on my site. Well today I have one with a Mexican flair. It’s a cross between huevos rancheros and the classic baked potato and egg bake. This recipe uses tater tots and the eggs get... Read More

Buttermilk Syrup

Buttermilk Syrup |

I have been on the hunt for the perfect buttermilk syrup. I have made versions in the past but my family just didn’t like them, that is up until now. Today, I am sharing what I have found to be the perfect buttermilk syrup. It is excellent to serve on the quick buttermilk waffles that... Read More

Quick Buttermilk Waffles

Quick Buttermilk Waffles |

With Mother’s day around the corner, I thought it would be great to share a tasty breakfast for mom. Your gonna love what I came up with. I have a great buttermilk waffle recipe but it does require you to separate the egg and white the whites.  This recipes is much easier because there is... Read More

Mini Banana Split Trifles

Mini Banana Split Trifles |

Do you have a special event coming up quick? Need a dessert that will impress your family and friends? Well, pick up a Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake! You can whip up a quick, delicious recipe with a moist Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake (they only take 10 seconds to thaw) and make... Read More

Flashback Friday – Twice Baked Potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes |

Today’s flashback is one that I made to enjoy with the applesauce bbq chicken I shared this week. They are almost as easy to make as mashed potatoes and look fancy. They can be made up to three days before and and kept in the refrigerator, or you can freeze them and just cook from... Read More

Easy Spring Brownies

Easy Spring Brownies |

I recently was at my local Walmart and stocked up on Pillsbury brownie mix and frosting. I love having them on hand. They make it simple and easy to make a tasty treat whenever I need one. Well, the other day I was wanted to come up with a treat for someone that I was... Read More