Flashback Friday – Beef Taco Bake

Beef Taco Bake | realmomkitchen.com

So this tasty beef taco bake is what we are flashing back to today. This really is a main stay recipe for my family and was so well before the first time I posted this back in 2009. Add this to your list of recipes to try out. I think you will definitely add it... Read More

Slow Cooker Chili Mac

Slow Cooker Chili Mac | realmomkitchen.com

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cans Get You Cooking through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are entirely my own. #sponsored #ad It’s Thursday afternoon and all the kids are home from school. You then get that question that we all get, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” You... Read More

Cake Mix Waffles

Cake Mix Waffles | realmomkitchen.com

Today’s recipe could really be used for breakfast or dessert. Either way, it is quick to make and all begins with a cake mix. The formulation is changed up just a little bit in order to make it possible to cook in a waffle iron. These are a little more delicate to remove from the... Read More

Easy Steak Soup

Easy Steak Soup | realmomkitchen.com

Soup season has definitely started here in Utah. We have had numerous cold and rainy days. There is just something about ending a cold wet day with a warm bowl of soup. The soup recipe I have for you today is nice and hearty. It is full of noodles and beef along with a flavorful... Read More

Flashback Friday – Open Faced Sloppy Joes

Open Faced Sloppy Joes | realmomkitchen.com

This 6 ingredient recipe is a fun way to change up regular sloppy joes. This recipe is a family fave. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you need to. This one is also in my cookbook. If you own a copy you can also find the recipe there! Open Faced Sloppy Joes

Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken | realmomkitchen.com

Simple yet amazing! That is what the recipe is that I have for you today. With this easy chicken dish, you just place some chicken in a pan, cover it with a simple sauce, and bake. It really is an awesome dish to make and the flavor is delish. Now this recipe does use fresh... Read More

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Beef Stew | realmomkitchen.com

Fall is now officially here and Utah started off with true fall weather for a few days. Today’s gonna be a little more on the warm side though with a high of 80. So this fall weather definitely got me in the mood for fall food and this slow cooker stew is a great option.... Read More

Flashback Friday – Apple Dumplings

Apple Dumplings | realmomkitchen.com

So as part of apple week, I decided to include a flashback to one of my family’s favorite apple recipes. This is so easy and delicious! My husband isn’t a huge fan of baked apples, but he has no issues at all with this dish. It is one of his favorite fall recipes that I... Read More

Apple Cookies with Salted Caramel Frosting

Apple Cookies with Salted Caramel Frosting | realmomkitchen.com

You don’t usually think of cookies when you think of apples. However, this recipe definitely works. If you have had a zucchini cookie before, this is what I would compare it to. But instead of shredded zucchini folded into the batter, you have shredded apple. The cookie itself also tends to be more cake like.... Read More