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Best Products for Cleaning Floors

Best Products for Cleaning Floors |

Today I am continuing my cleaning recommendations and we are talking floors. Everyone needs a vacuum. I have tried several over the years. I have tried expensive brands to less expensive brands. I have tried vacuums you pick up at the store and ones from a door to door sales company. After these years with... Read More

Best Products for Cleaning Surfaces

Best Products for Cleaning Surfaces |

As many of you know we are building a new house. This, or course, means moving and selling our current home. Prepping my home for listing it to sell has been quite a task and has taken up a lot of my time, giving me less time in the kitchen. With all this prepping and... Read More

NuMe Back-to-School Curling Wand Offer

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to grow my hair out. I had kept my hair shorter as my kids were little to make life easier. Now my kids were older and I wanted to have longer hair again. So after I was able to grow my hair the length I wanted it,... Read More

Jif® Flavored Spreads and Bars

Jif Bars |

Jif has two new great flavored spreads that are the perfect way to make your breakfast sweet, simple, and #peanutbutterhappy ! I grabbed these two new products from my local Walmart to try them out. For years, my kids have been topping their waffles with Jif Flavored Spread and maple syrup. Now, Jif has a... Read More

NASCAR and Bush Bean’s New Hummus

Bush's Hummus Made Easy

I am a Brand Ambassador for Bush Beans and recently had the opportunity to go to Charlotte, NC with them and the other Brand Ambassadors for a unique experience. When we first arrived we enjoyed a dinner at Chima Brazilian Steak House. It was amazing! Gauchos roamed the room continuously offering churrasco of over 15 rotisserie... Read More

Snacking with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers® Endorsed Sandwich Thins |

When reaching for a snack, I love to go for something that is a pre-portioned size to help me stick to my plans. Choosing the right snack helps me by curbing cravings, fighting weight gain, regulating mood, boosting brain power and giving me the energy I need to keep going all day. By using the... Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Uncommon Goods

Banana Bowls |

I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day! For me, Mother’s Day shopping can be a challenge. Well, I recently got some fun things from a site called Uncommon Goods. It is a great place to shop for gifts and I had to share with all of you. First, I got this fun parlor ice... Read More

Pizza Night with Red Baron

Family PIzza Night |

Growing up, we had a tradition of having pizza every week on either Friday or Saturday night. It was something my brothers and I looked forward to each week. When asked my favorite food, I always said pizza! On our pizza night, the family would usually hang out and watch TV together after our meal.... Read More

Kodiak Cakes New Oatmeal and Granola Giveaway

Remember Kodiak Cakes? I have shared about their flapjack and waffle mix before and done a couple of giveaways. Well, now the folks at Kodiak Cakes have released some new products. They now have oatmeal and granola that are served in convenient single serving disposable cups.  Let me know if you are interested.  Just like... Read More