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Meaty Baked Ziti

Meaty Baked Ziti |

Most saturday mornings, you can find me sitting in front of the TV with my daughter watching Pioneer Woman. We have watched it from the very first episode and my daughter loves to watch it as much as I do. When we saw the episode titled Us and Them, I knew we had to try... Read More

Garlic Parmesan Orzo

Garlic Parmesan Orzo |

Butter, garlic and parmesan cheese are ingredients that I usually always have on hand. Add in some fresh parsley, orzo pasta and a little milk and you have an easy tasty side dish. If you have never used orzo pasta before it looks like rice before you cook it. Once cooked it it increases in... Read More

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese |

Just a bit ago, I shared a recipe for crock pot mac and cheese. It was a big hit with the family. Then, I came across another recipe that used some different ingredients and decided to give it a try. This version used sour cream and condensed cheddar cheese soup. This version was good, but... Read More

Quick Stove Top Stroganoff

Quick Stove Top Stroganoff |

Most of my stroganoff recipes that I make involve a can of something (like cream of mushroom soup) or a packet of something (like brown gravy). Today, I have a quick stroganoff recipe that uses simple ingredients. No cans or packets used with this one. This one uses ground beef, which my family prefers. However,... Read More

Oven Toasted Ravioli

Oven Toasted Ravioli |

I have shared a recipe for toasted ravioli before, but it requires deep frying it in oil. Today’s recipe is a healthier alternative because it is baked instead of fried. My kids loved it. I must admit, I still prefer the fried version. However, this really is tasty for a baked version. Serve it with marinara... Read More

Easy One Pot Pasta

One Pot Pasta |

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday’s, everyone is looking for an easy way to get dinner on the table. The added “things to do for Christmas” can make meal planning a lower priority.  Enter the wonderful solution of one pot pasta. This is a dish that could change your life. This dish... Read More

Baked Spaghetti Lasagna {aka Spasagna}

Baked Spaghetti Lasagna |

Lasagna is always a family favorite. However, it can be time consuming to make. So, I am always looking for a way to simplify the process. This baked spaghetti lasagna (AKA Spasagna) is a fun change and quicker to make. The cheese mixture gets tossed with cooked spaghetti and place in a 9 x 13... Read More

Easy Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

Crock Pot Mac and Cheese |

Ever want a side of homemade mac and cheese with your dinner and just don’t have the time to make it? Well, this crock pot mac and cheese is easy enough to make from scratch. Basically, you just need the 4 hours for it to cook in the slow cooker and have the time to... Read More

Easy Garlic Pasta

Easy Garlic Pasta

Cream, garlic, cheese, and pasta – doesn’t that sound like a winning combination? This is one of those comforting type of dishes but works well for summer since it is all done on the stove top. It is kind of like a homemade version of Noodle Roni and is much better. This recipe is intended... Read More

Pineapple Chicken Lo Mein

Pineapple Chicken Lo Mein

Kids love chicken and I have found most kids like pineapple. This dish incorporates both and should be a kid pleaser. The ingredient list may look a little long, but don’t let that scare you. It is very quick and easy to put together. this was a fun dish for the family. Pineapple Chicken Lo... Read More