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Holiday Carrot Cake – Flashback Friday

Holiday Carrot Cake |

This carrot cake would be an amazing way to finish up your Christmas meal.  It looks fabulous and tastes wonderful! I love this cake slightly chilled so I place it in the fridge about 1 hour before serving. Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes and this one is fantastic. Even my husband who... Read More

Banana Cream Pie – Flashback Friday

Banana Cream Pie |

The last pie of the week is a simple banana cream pie. This is a classic and one that everyone tends to love. This pie is a little more along the lines of a southern banana pudding because it is made with a nilla wafer crust. It’s a welcome change. Banana Cream Pie

Easy Sugar Cookies – Flashback Friday

Easy Sugar Cookies |

These amazing sugar cookies require no frosting and I’m telling ya, you won’t miss it! These are just about as easy to make as a cookie from a mix, but much better tasting. They are one of my favorite cookies and be warned – they are highly addictive! Easy Sugar Cookies

Banana Chip Muffins – Flashback Friday

Banana Chip Muffins |

Whenever I have over ripe bananas, this is one of my go-to recipes to use them up. My family even prefers these muffins over traditional banana bread. I love the fact that this muffin also include oats! It is more filling and make the muffins healthier! Try this recipe the next time you have over... Read More

Cream Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes – Flashback Friday

Cream Filled Pumpkin Cupcakes |

Over the year of sharing pumpkin recipes with you, I have some that have become a must make every season. This cupcake recipe is one of them. This delicious made from scratch cupcake is easy to make and is amazingly moist. Then it gets filled with a fluffy cream filling that isn’t overly sweet. I... Read More

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pecan Rolls – Flashback Friday

Melt In Your Mouth Pecan Rolls |

These little babies truly melt in your mouth! They are also ready in 30 minutes. They are perfect for this weekend. Just pair them with some eggs and bacon or sausage and you’ll have a terrific breakfast. Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pecan Rolls

Apple Crisp Cinnamon Rolls – Flashback Friday

Apple Crisp Cinnamon Rolls |

This is a fun way to change up a regular cinnamon rolls and give it that fall flavor of apple! It adds in some apple pie filling and a crumbly crisp topping to be sprinkled over top. All cinnamon roll fans will love this tasty twist on the cinnamon roll. These are perfect to wake... Read More

Chicken Pillows – Flashback Friday

Chicken Pillows |

Today’s flashback recipe is one that is seriously one of my family’s favorite meals. They ask for it often. Creamy chicken filling is surrounded by a pillow of flaky crescent roll dough. Then the pillow gets dipped in butter followed by a coating of bread crumbs to add a nice crunchy texture. To finish it... Read More