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Flashback Friday – Miner Marinade

Miner Marinade |

One of my favorite ways to grill meat is letting it take a nice soak in a marinade before tossing it on a grill. It add so much flavor and helps make your meat juicy. Today, I am looking back at one of my favorite marinades – miner marinade. The will work for pork or... Read More

Flashback Friday – Too Easy Chicken Tacos

Too Easy Chicken Tacos |

Today’s flashback is a staple recipe at our house. It is one of my kids favorite meals and it is easy enough that they can make it for me. This is a dish that is frequently made when I am out of town. Plus, with 2 ingredient to make the meat – it couldn’t be... Read More

Flashback Friday – Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

This is my go to recipe for shredded barbecue chicken. It is so simple to make. It is made in the slow cooker and you only need 5 ingredients! I originally shared this in my first year of blogging. It was in desperate need of an update. Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

Flashback Friday – Fiesta Chicken Pasta Salad

Fiesta Pasta Chicken Salad |

Today’s flashback is a salad perfect to take along to a summer potluck. The recipe includes chicken so it makes a great main dish salad but can be turned into more of a side dish but using more pasta in place of the chicken which is usually what I do. Fiesta Chicken Pasta Salad

Flashback Friday – Laura’s Potato Salad

Laura's Potato Salad |

Happy Fourth of July! It wouldn’t be summer without good old classic potato salad! This is my own recipe. I took all the things I love from my mom’s salad, my mother-in-law’s salad, and others that I have tried over the years. This is my perfect potato salad. It’s not too late to add it... Read More

Flashback Friday – Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls |

These babies are a standard at out house. It’s is basically a pizza version of a sloppy joe. It makes for a quick an easy summer dinner or is great to have in the fridge for the kids for lunch. Pizza Rolls

Flashback Friday – Ginger Ale Meatballs

Ginger Ale Meatballs |

Today we are flashing back to a recipe that I love to use to make meatball subs with. I love the simple sauce that these cook in. Not only do they make great sandwiches, but you can also just serve them as is for an appetizer. Since these meatballs cook in the slow cooker, they... Read More

Flashback Friday – Bow Tie Chicken Salad

Bow Tie Chicken Salad |

I love a good chicken salad and this version is a family fav that I shared years ago. It was in dire need of a new photo. This salad is perfect for summer. It also works so well to serve at a baby or wedding shower. Just pair it with a delicious roll. Bow Tie... Read More