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Flashback Friday – Indoor S’mores

Indoor S'mores |

I hope you are all gearing up for National S’mores Day. I can tell you, I have been enjoying (probably too much) getting all of these yummy recipes ready for you all. Since it is Friday, I went back to update an old recipe from my archives. This is a great one, because no fire... Read More

Flashback Friday – No Bake Cookies

No Bake Cookies |

Today’s flashback is a recipe perfect for summer. These are cookies that do not need to be baked in the oven. This is even a recipe the kids can do. These cookies are all made in a sauce pan on the stove top. The cookies un the photo use the full 3 cups of oats,... Read More

Flashback Friday – Caramel Banana Topping

Caramel Banana Topping |

I do love breakfast and this caramel banana topping is a favorite of mine to serve on waffles. I usually have bananas on hand plus the ingredients needed for the caramel. I especially love it on chocolate waffles. However, feel free to get creative with it. Poured over the top of vanilla ice cream is... Read More

Flashback Friday – Chile Lime Chicken Tostadas

Chile Lime Chicken Tostadas |

Today’s flashback is a great summer meal. You make the tasty chicken for these tostadas in a crock pot. This meat is so tasty it could even be used in other ways besides these tostadas. It great in a salad, taco, or burrito. Chile Lime Chicken Tostadas in the slow cooker  

Flashback Friday – Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes |

I am looking back today at my favorite from scratch recipe for your basic pancake. This is my go to recipe when making homemade pancakes. It would be great to make Dad for breakfast for Father’s Day or just to wake up to during the for summer breakfast. If you don’t have this one in... Read More