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Easy Breakfast Bake

Easy Breakfast Bake

I do love a nice hot breakfast! There is just something about waking up to the smell of something cooking in the morning. Well, today I have a tasty way to wake up or it also works well for dinner. This breakfast bake could really be considered more like a deep dish breakfast pizza. I... Read More

Angel Food Cake French Toast

Angel Food Cake French Toast |

I love breakfast and I also love changing up breakfast from the usual, like making french toast in a new way. I have used items like croissants, banana bread, and frozen waffles before to make french toast. So I was excited to see how it would work to make it using slices of angel food... Read More

Hazelnut Beignets

Hazelnut Beignets

We have another winning recipe today from the Pillsbury Bake Off. This recipe was also at the 2013 contest and was created by Karyn Hentz using Pillsbury Grands Homestyle Buttermilk Biscuits along with the new Jif Hazelnut spread. Now Karen used the Mocha Cappuccino Flavored Hazelnut Spread and espresso powdered in her recipe. I am not... Read More

Sweet Orange and Toasted Almond Coffee Cake

Sweet Orange and Toasted Almond Coffee Cake

Today’s recipe also come from the 2013 Pillsbury Bake-Off that I was able to attend. This recipe was created by Bee Engelhart and uses my one of my family’s favorites – the Pillsbury Orange Flavor Sweet Rolls with Icing. The flavor of this recipe doesn’t stray too far from what you get with the sweet... Read More

Lemony Light Pancakes

Lemony Light Pancakes |

Today’s pancake not only incorporates the light and refreshing flavor of lemon but the pancake it self is light and tender. These thin and delicate pancakes have more a a sponge like quality to them rather than the usual cake like consistency you’d expect from a traditional pancake. Serve them up with a dusting of... Read More

Simple Lemon Fruit Dip

Simple Lemon Fruit Dip |

Spring and lemon go hand in hand. I have done a lemon week the past few years here at RMK because I love lemon so much and usually have a stack of recipes I am waiting to try. So It is lemon week again here at RMK. I also thought it would work well to... Read More

Easy Nutella Mousse

Nutella Mousse |

Today’s recipe is an excellent filling for the crepes I shared yesterday. Or it also works well as a tasty fruit dip. Either way if you serve this to mom on Mother’s Day she will most definitely enjoy this rich, creamy, and decadent mousse! My husband isn’t a fan of nutella and believe it or... Read More

Chocolate and Vanilla Crepes

Chocolate and Vanilla Crepes |

I love crepes. One of the reasons I crepes, is that they work great for breakfast or for dessert. I have shared a couple of crepe recipes before, but I recently sampled another one from a friend. It tasted great so I decided to take that recipe and change it up by making a vanilla version... Read More

Buttery Cream Syrup and Cinnamon Spice Syrup

Buttery Cream Syrup |

Mother’s Day week continues with 2 delicious syrup recipes. They would be a terrific surprise to include with breakfast in bed for mom to top he favorite morning meal with or could even be given as a gift. First up is a rich buttery cream syrup. I served it with the waffled french toast that... Read More

Waffled French Toast with Strawberry Butter

Waffled French Toast |

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so I decided to do a Mother’s Day theme this week. Many Mother’s Days begin with a yummy breakfast for mom. Whether you are making breakfast for your own mother or being surprised yourself with breakfast in bed, today’s recipe would perfect to serve. It is a fun variation on french... Read More