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I recently discovered a new website called Say Mmm.  It’s a free site to help you plan your meals, make a shopping list, and organizer your recipes.  I love their tag line ” What’s for dinner? Don’t say Hmm … say Mmm.”

Here is the features you find at Say Mmm.

Meal Planning Calendar
Easily plan meals, and view by week or month

Say Mmm makes it easy to plan one or more meals a day in an online calendar you can see from any computer or a smart phone.  Sometimes its also helpful to print out your meal plan and post it on the refrigerator for an easy reminder or for others to see.

Smart Grocery Lists
Simplify how you create and use grocery lists

Say Mmm’s free online grocery lists have several smart features to help take the work out of creating shopping lists. You can click to add popular items or items you get frequently, automatically add all the items you need for a recipe or the meals you have planned, have your list organized by store and area of the store, and more.

Recipe Organizer
View, search and sort your favorite recipes

Say Mmm makes it easy to organize all your recipes and recipe links in one place and to find what you need by searching for a particular item or sorting by categories. And now we have added a way for you to rate your recipes, so you can do quick sorts for your favorite recipes and can see at a glance which recipes you liked best.

New Meal Ideas
Just click to save daily meal and recipe ideas

There are a lot of great recipe ideas on the web, and Say Mmm makes it easy to save and organize them all in one place along with your own ideas. And for when you are looking for new ideas, we have added a simple and fun way to discovering new recipes from the best blogs and sites on the web.  You can find a meal plan there from me!

Share with Friends
Exchange ideas privately with people you know

Have you eaten at friends house, tried something new you really liked, and asked for the recipe?  Or ordered a meal at a restaurant that you heard about from a friend?  We pick up new ideas in social contexts easily and spontaneously.  And shared food and experiences are ways that we connect with others and learn about ourselves.  There is a little bit of magic in these types of social connections for bringing people together, and Say Mmm tries to make this happen more easily online.

Mobile Site
Have a smart phone? View your stuff on the go

All the main features of the Say Mmm web site are also available on a mobile site designed for smart phones with Internet connections.The site works for smart phones like iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, and Palm phones.

Say Mmm even has free blog features to add to your blog.  I even added one of their features to my Charleston Cheese Dip.  If you want, check it out and tell me what you think.  I added a printable grocery list at the bottom of the post. Here are the features for bloggers:

Printable Grocery Lists
Easily display printable, dynamic lists
Printable Online Recipes
Define how you want recipes to print
Recipe Index Creator
Display recipes in an organized list
Say Mmm
Plus use all the Say Mmm features for planning meals, creating grocery lists and organizing recipes

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

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