Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Most Father’s Day meals I have had are usually ended with ice cream in some form.  I remember when I was younger going to my Grandfather’s house on Father’s Day and enjoying all kinds of homemade ice cream.  My mom and my aunts would all show up with a tin of homemade ice cream.  We had berry, cookie, candy, and chocolate varieties.  All so delicious!  I really think ice cream is the best when you make it yourself.

I recently saw a recipe on Erin’s Food Files for Key Lime Pie Ice Cream and had to try it.  She got the recipe from Cooking Light and I made a slight adaptation to the recipe mainly because I didn’t have the fat free evaporated milk and then I wanted more graham cracker in the ice cream.  It is delicious!  Tastes just like Key Lime Pie but in ice cream form.  If Key Lime Pie isn’t your Dad’s favorite here are some other yummy recipes for homemade ice cream.

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Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

1 1/2 cups 2%  milk
1/2 cup bottled Key lime juice (I used Nellie and Joe’s)
1/2 cup whipping cream
Dash of salt
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
8 graham crackers (2 cookie sheets), coarsely crushed, divided

  1. Combine first 5 ingredients, stirring with a whisk.
  2. Pour mixture into freezer can of an ice-cream freezer, and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Stir graham crackers into ice cream or add during last 5 minutes in the freezer. (In my Cuisinart it takes about 25 minutes for the ice cream so I add the crackers just a little after the 20 minute mark)
  4. Spoon ice cream into a freezer-safe container, and cover and freeze for 1 hour or until firm.  Makes 1 1/2 qts.
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