Cereal Candy

I must warn you, today’s recipe has it’s own disclaimer: Make At Your Own Risk. This recipe is a family favorite and is highly addictive. I only make this during the holiday season, but I make it a couple of times. This batch here was finished off in two days by my family, and that was with me being the cereal candy police. I rationed it out over those two days. This is a recipe my husband grew up with. His mother made it for his family. I have altered the recipe a little bit. The original recipe called for Kix cereal in it, but nobody really cared for the Kix cereal. The other thing about this is you have to use a candy thermometer to make it. Now the temperature you cook it to will all depend on where you are located. For me, here in the Salt Lake Valley and with my candy thermometer, soft ball stage for me is 230 degrees. So you need to know what temperature soft ball is for where you live. If you under cook the candy coating the cereal will get soggy and if you over cook it it will be hard as a rock. So you gotta get it to the exact temperature for soft ball. Just be careful, because once you make this there’s no going back. You’ll want to make this all the time.

Cereal Candy

5 cups Cheerios
5 cups Rice Chex
6 cups Special K

Measure these out into a large bowl. I have a big Tupperware bowl that I use. Then in a large sauce pan put:

2 cups sugar
3/4 cup white corn syrup
1 cube (or stick) of butter (It’s gotta be the real stuff)
1 dash salt

Stir constantly and bring to a boil. Then add:

1 cup whipping cream

Now use you candy thermometer and cook to soft ball stage, stirring constantly. Once at soft ball stage, remove immediately from the heat and add:

1 tsp. vanilla

Stir in vanilla and pour over your cereal. The gently toss and coat the cereal. Once all coated, pour out on the large cookie sheet to cool. Then enjoy!

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