30 Minute Rolls

Sometimes the name of a recipe calls to me as a challenge. This recipe was actually part of a recipe for Pizza Roll Ups that I saw on a local television show called Studio 5. The recipe was from Suzie Roberts who is the author of “Girlfriends on the Go”. You were suppose to use this recipe for the dough for the pizza rolls ups. But when I saw the name of the dough recipe, I couldn’t help but take the challenge. Was it really possible to have delicious homemade rolls in 30 minutes? I decided to try this recipe yesterday for Sunday dinner.

We don’t get home from church until at least 4 pm. This time schedule has made it hard to have fresh made rolls, hot from the oven. I really have only had two choices in the past. Make and bake the rolls before church or put out frozen roll dough to thaw and raise while we are at church. These 30 Minute Rolls really did “RISE” to the challenge. They turned out so tender and came together in the time expected . Also, I was afraid that since the recipe called for so much yeast that they would have a strong yeast taste. I was so surprised at how wonderfully these worked and they didn’t taste yeasty at all.

Just beware to use a large bowl for the yeast to sit in. It bubbles up a lot. Also, the dough was quite sticky. I am really not an expert at shaping rolls and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time shaping them. I just took a glob of dough about the size of a lime and rolled it in my hand. I also sprayed my hands with non-stick cooking spray before shaping the dough.  I then sprayed my hands a few more times throughout the shaping process. I  reduced the original recipe down to only make 1 dozen rolls. That amount is perfect for my family. However, I have included both versions for you. The larger recipe makes 3 dozen rolls.

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30 Minute Rolls
  • 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp warm water
  • ⅓ cup oil
  • 2 Tbsp yeast
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 eggs
  • 3½ cups flour
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine water, oil, yeast, and sugar. Allow mixture to rest for 15 minutes.
  3. With a dough hook, mix in salt and eggs and 2 of the cups flour until combined. Add remaining flour ½ cup at a time.
  4. Shape dough into 12 balls and let rest for 10 minutes.
  5. Place rolls in a greased 9x13 pan or baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes until tops are golden brown. Makes 1 dozen.
For 3 dozen use the following measurements:

3 ½ cup warm water
1 cup oil
6 Tbsp yeast
¾ cup sugar or honey
1 ½ tsp Salt
3 eggs
10 ½ cups flour
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91 comments on “30 Minute Rolls

  • This was the easiest quickest yeast rolls ever. I followed the recipe exactly and they were perfect.
    Those of you that are having a problem with the recipe should consider your appliance or not following the recipe exactly. Know the difference between hot and warm water for the yeast; a dough hook and kitchen aid mixer works wonders for this recipe and a good reliable oven.

  • These took me about an hour, not 30 minutes.

    They came out looking pretty and they are very simple to make. However, if you have the time, just stick to regular buns. These would be emergency only buns. Regular buns are not that much more work except use much less yeast and require longer rising times. The texture of these buns is weird – I get why people say biscuits.

    You could probably use this recipe but cut the amount of yeast and sugar in half. Let it rise for 30 minutes after it is mixed but before you form buns. Then let it rise again for 30 minutes after they are formed into buns.

  • Just wondering if you can increase the size of these and use them as bread bowls for soups/chili??

  • The buns turned out great!! i blended some cream cheese and condensed milk and put them in the middle before rolling ‘em up. They were awesome and were gone the second they came out of the oven. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe :D

  • I pinned this recipe a while ago, and today I finally made it. These taste so great! I bought red star quick rise yeast packets, and used 2. I used my measuring spoon and 2 packets measured almost 2 Tbs of yeast. I turned my oven on low (150degrees) while the yeast sat for the 15 minutes in the warm water and sugar. I then turned my oven off and after I balled the dough into my muffin pan I put it in the oven to rise. I let the rolls rise for about 15- 20 minutes and then turned the oven on 400 to bake. These rolls got nice and big, and don’t taste yeasty at all. They are slightly sweet and taste great with butter. Thank you so much for this recipe. This is the first time I’ve ever made rolls. I’m going to try it as a pizza dough next, then maybe cinnamon rolls.

  • love love love theses we make regularly has any one tried freezing dough?

  • Loved it! Second time round it was even better. Sharing it with everyone I know. Thanks so much.

  • These rolls were awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing. I stuffed them shredded coconut and sugar and it was delicious :D

  • I tried these tonight since I was in a big last minute rush and wanted some rolls. I followed the recipe exactly except that I used bread flour since I had some on hand anyway.

    They came out marvelous and were universally acclaimed. Very light and fluffy and delicious. They did not taste yeasty at all. While the texture may not be quite as good as long-risen dough, I will definitely be making these on a regular basis.

  • I am surprised that there have been so many positive reviews so far. There is way too much yeast in the recipe and, as a result, they actually taste quite ‘yeasty’. I did not enjoy these rolls at all.

  • LOVE this recipe, it is nothing like a biscuit, light, airy, fluffy and wonderful! I even used gluten free flour, and it came out amazingly. I am in college, so this is one of my go-to recipes…Thanks so much!

  • I just tried this recipe. My husband and my 15 year girl absolutely loved it! New family tradition…thank you!

  • I have made these three times now. We love them !

    I did put only 1/2 of sugar, didn’t feel we needed it!

  • Was in a hurry for a quick recipe and found this one. I was worried about amount of yeast but threw it all together i did not use a dough attachment just used my hand beater and they were amazing. NOTHING like a biscuit. Super soft, fluffy. My husband said they were the best rolls i have made so far! They did take longer then 30 minutes more like an hour but it was worth it. I used extra flour when i rolled the balls. Thank you! I will use again.

  • These rolls were a biscuit…not horrible, but more for biscuits and gravy…don’t count on them being the hit for your party or holiday dinner…

    • These are nothing like a biscuit. A biscuit doesn’t have yeast in it, and these are fluffy yeasty rolls. Clearly not a holiday roll that you knead and let rise twice, but that’s not what this recipe is for – it’s for moms making quick dinners! For that, they’re terrific!

  • We forgot to make our regular roll recipe on time for Christmas dinner, and I found this recipe through goodsearch. It was very quick and very easy. I substituted melted salted butter for the oil, bread flour for all-purpose flour, and halved the salt. This dough was very easy to work with, and it got puffy very fast. I haven’t tried one yet, but they smell delicious. I accidentally made nine rolls instead of twelve, so they’re huge and had to bake for about five minutes longer. If they taste half as delicious as they smell, I will definitely be making these rolls again. They would work great for a busy weeknight to accompany a soup or stew.

  • These are my new favorite yeast rolls! AND everyone else that I bring them to. QUICK and delicious – not bisquity at all…

  • They are definitely quick. But they are more tea biscuity than bun like. I had added cheese and ham inside so it worked.
    But i think i will stick with my pizza dough recipe for quick bread.

  • These rolls are fabulous! Perfect crust, and lovely, light and tender on the inside! I halved the salt, substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour for one cup of all purpose white flour, and subtituted 2 Tbs flax seed and an additional 3 Tbs water for the egg. I know that’s a lot of substitutions, but I’m cooking for family member’s special diets. But these were amazing!

    Also, to anyone having difficulties, I’d make sure the water you add is about 100 degrees F/ 37 degrees C… mine was about 110F/ 43C. Also, make sure your yeast is fresh and not expired (I keep a jar of active dry yeast in the fridge). My dough was kind of sticky, but I floured my hands while making rolls out of it. I let the rolls rest for about five or ten minutes– they expanded just a bit, but you really don’t have to wait for them to double in size. I just waited for my oven to finish preheating, because I’d forgotten to start it. These will puff up while baking. I will definitely be making these again! Thank you!

  • Um. Resting time alone is 35 minutes. Sorry, already over 30. And with three kids running around ages 4, 2, and 9 months these rolls were not done in 30 minutes. However, they were totally worth it. Just don’t get your hopes up for having them honestly done in 30 minutes.

  • Hi am from india I do not understand what is meant by all purpose flour is it what we call maida cake is made with this, or wheat flour from which we make rotis I would be obliged if you can please tell me.

    • I believe you will want to use wheat flour. That is all purpose flour, named because it is used in cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, pie dough, pastas, etc.

    • I would say maida – as I from Mumbai and we baked in India with maida – you can also mix whole wheat flour.

  • I added in oregano for colour :) Great recipe! Thank you!!

  • Can I make these with out a stand mixer and dough hook?

  • Did they come out? Several people have commented about ingredients, but no one has followed up. Fingers crossed that the 2 teaspoons was correct because that’s what I used!

  • Absolutely fabulous! My Mom makes homemade rolls that are to die for…and I can tell you, she now has a new rival! :) Thanks so much for testing and sharing!

  • 2 Tbsp of yeast? Can’t be right, when you only go to 1T for the larger recipe. I’m sure you mean 2 tsp…

    • That’s what I thought too! I am hoping they turn out ok. My 2lb loafs of bread don’t call for that much. Hope I didn’t ruin them :(

  • this is great! i just finished mine and they are delish!!!

    I brushed melted butter on the top of mine though, just thought I’d share the variation.

  • I took this to our church potluck and they were a hit. I didn’t have any left to take back home. I felt sorry for the person who brought store bought bread though. It wasn’t very popular.

  • Oh my goodness! So delicious and easy!

    I’m a university student, and had a free afternoon, so I decided to make some homemade buns to go along with soup for dinner tonight. I doubled the recipe to make enough for my whole family, and have a few left-overs for lunches.

    It was such an easy recipe and didn’t take the whole afternoon, like most recipes. I will definitely be saving this recipe! Thanks a bunch! :)

  • These turned out fabulous! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Made some beef stew and thought that a quick, easy dinner roll would be great to soak up the gravy. My first tray had the customary 10-15 minute wait while the second tray went 20-25. Both were equally good, with the 2nd tray getting a fluffier, lighter finish. Perfect for a quick fix. I had to add more flour though as my dough was sticky at first. A great find. Thank you again. :)x

  • Fantastic rolls! I wanted a quick and easy yeast roll recipe, and this one did not disappoint! Soooo soft and tasty with butter. These are one my top 3 rolls EVER! My husband had to control himself from eating all of them! Definitely saving this recipe and using it again and again! Thank you!

  • I made barbque pork buns with this rolls… Everybody loves it! but of course it took me longer than 30mins. Everybody that tasted it asked me to sell it…. that made my day!

  • These are wonderful!! Decided to make rolls last minute and didn’t have time for the bread machine or to wait forever for dough to rise. Quick, easy and very yummy! Will def make these again. :)

  • Been waiting an hr for the yeast mixture to bubble up. I’m a former commercial baker, and it’s 85 degrees today.
    Maybe the yeast was old? So far, 30 min yeast rolls are a myth.

    • I’d say your yeast was old or you water was too hot. I’ve made these countless times, and my yeast bubbles every time…

  • My husband and I cook a lot of different breads in search of the best recipe. He made these for Sunday dinner today and they were without a doubt, the best dinner rolls I’ve ever eaten.

  • i live at high altitude, so i reduced the yeast, and sugar slightly, and added a little extra water. had no eggs on hang (Doh!) so used mayonnaise, and they STILL turned out awesome.
    i am so happy to have a new, faster recipe to use. i also made a mini pizza, yummy!

  • I’ve never made yeast rolls so quickly! I used part whole wheat flour. The dough WAS very soft and sticky, but it worked when I forgot to start the dough earlier for my regular recipe/method. Nice, soft, tasty rolls!

  • I need to know what type of flour to use? All purpose or self rising? Please can you tell me?

  • I just made these with half whole wheat, half white flour. They are terrific! I’ll definitely be making these again. Thank you!

  • I buy really nice rolls at the supermarket!

    However, I think I will try these!

  • Can you freeze the dough and make later

  • I have made these many times from your recipe. Love them! I never could make rolls before and these turn out every time. Also love the cinnamon roll version!

  • The recipe for the dinner rolls, can they be mixed in a bread machine, (I do not have a stand alone mixer) and then formed into dinner rolls, or would I have to mix everything by hand and does it need to kneaded then too.
    Please advise. Thanks

  • I made these last night when I needed something to go with soup, and had no time to bake normal buns. I found that I needed an extra half cup or so of flour, as flour as the dough was too sticky. I also had to bake the buns much longer than 10 minutes in order to brown them. As soon as I took them out of the oven I brushed them with margarine. At any rate, I thought these were delicious! They sort of reminded me of paska (without the icing)… Perhaps this will lead to an experiment. :]

  • The 30 minute rolls, although tasty, we’re heavy. Any idea what I might have done incorrectly?

  • I made these tonight to go with dinner and they were SO good and so easy! Thank you for the recipe!

    ~ Kim

  • Wow. I forgot to thaw some Rhodes Rolls to make Pani Popo for the students I feed daily at our horseshoeing school. I remembered seeing this recipe and it saved the day!!!!! They were so fast and easy and there wasn’t a single roll left! Thanks so much!

  • Great recipe, I needed rolls in a hurry for my family on Sunday and the rolls worked out great.

  • I just made these rolls for dinner the other day, only used half whole wheat flour, half white flour. They were so good, and I couldn’t believe how easy they were! Thanks!

  • I just made these tonight and they are so easy and good. I was wondering how to get them in the shape of a roll? Mine were very lopsided and come out not looking very pretty. Any suggestions?

  • Just made these for Thanksgiving and they are perfect. Thanks you!

  • I am looking forward to trying this – I have heard about this recipe from several people. (found your blog by accident by the way – love it!) I tried a recipe from a friend once that had 6 TBSP yeast and it was SOOOOO gross. Tasted fermented. I am hoping this works well! I make and bake a ton of different rolls and breads, just never tried this one! And 4pm getting out of church is pretty tough…BTDT!

  • These were quick and easy! I made the one dozen version and it and it made more than a dozen good sized rolls. I did have to add some extra flour though as my dough was sticky. We enjoyed these rolls. Thanks!

  • Trying these for dinner tonight! Have you made these using whole wheat flour? I'm just now experimenting with w.w. flour…thx for the great recipe!

  • Although these were good, they didn't turn out quite as I had expected. They reminded more of angel biscuits than rolls. They were especially great with butter and freezer jam! Yum!Yum!

  • These were so incredibly good! And easy! The rolls I typically make take much longer. I have tried another roll recipe from your website…can't remember the name, but I think you said they are close to the Lion's House rolls you love. They were great, but I think these are even better! They were quick enough to make after church today for lunch and my family gobbled them up! Thank you!

  • I’m putting this on my list of recipes to try for the coming week. We have church till 4 too and I hear you when you say it interferes with having yummy rolls with Sunday dinner. Thanks so much for the lesser version of the recipe too!

  • Holy Cow!!! 6T of yeast……

  • These look so great! Thanks for posting this recipe. Our Ward doesn’t get out until 3:30 so I feel your pain about having rolls and big fancy dinners on Sunday.

  • What an awesome recipe! I’m always feeling like I need a recipe for rolls I can literally throw together. Thanks for sharing!

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