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Heart shaped candies featuring doting messages and fluffy white teddy bears clutching red roses are on store shelves right now for Valentine’s day.

Whether you love to love it, love to hate it or hate to love it, it is almost here. Instead of showing your loved ones that they are special to you on Valentine’s Day with tacky stuffed animals and sugary sweets, why not give them something everyone can make use of?  Vanilla Gift.


Vanilla Gift is a gift card, accepted anywhere Visa is, with denominations up to $500. They come in numerous themes and designs, are available at retailers nationwide and come ready to use immediately. Many people prefer Vanilla products over any other prepaid gift card on the market because they are safe, secure, reliable, and easy to use.

I have used the Vanilla Gift Visa version before and MasterCard is also available. The can be used  like a Visa or MasterCard where accepted. They are simple to use but their are a few things that if you know will make it even easier.

1. Know your balance – merchants can’t find out or determine the balance on your card.  So if you try to make a purchase that is more than the balance of your card it will be declined. However, if you know the balance and your purchase is more than the balance merchants can run the card for the amount of the balance. You can find out your balance by calling the phone number list on the card or by visiting the website also listed on the card.

2. Pay at the register – Give the card to the casher and sign the receipt or press credit on the key pad. If you would prefer to use the card as debit, you will need to set up a pin on the website for the card before your purchase.

3. No cash access – you cannot use your card at the ATM or get cash back at the key pad at the register.

4. Keep your receipts – to keep track of your purchase and calculate your balance.

5. No cash refunds. Enough said.

6. Split transactions –  If you need to make a purchase more than the amount of the card make sure your merchant allows split transactions.

7. Paying at the pump – to use your gift card at the gas pump you will want to register your card online. If used at the pump most gas stations put a $125 hold on your card, so usually you will have to pay inside with your gift card for a gas purchase.

8. Shopping online – you will also need to register your card online before using your gift card for an online purchase.

9. Eating out – most restaurants will put ahold on your account for the cost of your meal plus a 20% tip. So know your balance before paying with your card.

Vanilla Gift has given me a $25 MasterCard Gift Card to giveaway for one lucky reader. To enter see the widget below.

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