Best Soup and Bread of 2013

I love to eat soup and bread, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t do a lot of bread recipes this year. I had plenty of soups to choose from and it was hard to pick just 3, but I did it.

Best Soups of 2013

Going clockwise here they are:

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup - This recipe makes making homemade chicken noodle soup even easier and it tastes fantastic. I like to use a heartier noodle for this and have made this a lot over this past year.

Stuffed Pepper Soup _ This is another new favorite I found this year. The funny thing is my family does not like stuffed peppers but they loved this soup version of the classic dish.

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup – I love to get tomato basil soup when I go to a restaurant and now I can have it at home. This slow cooker version makes it simple to make a big batch at home. YOu can also leave this one chunky or blend it into a smooth soup.

Since I shared a limited number of bread recipes I only pick one as the best of for this year.

Best Bread of 2013

Basil Bread – This is the new alternative to garlic bread. It comes together quickly with just 4 ingredients. Prepares pesto is the secret to making this tasty bread!


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