Hot Applesauce

This recipe is so simple and it’s something I love to make as a side dish during the winter and fall seasons. It’s another recipe that came from my mom. I have to admit that I do have my own food quirks and one of them is that cooked apples have to be served warm for me. I don’t know why. So apple pie, applesauce, apple crisp all need to be warm. I’m fine with cold apples if they are fresh. What can I say, I guess we all have out picky moments. The recipe is also wonderful served along with the oven omelet that I posted yesterday. This recipe could probably pass as a dessert, due to the sugar content.

Hot Applesauce

canned applesauce
sugar (this is to taste, I would recommend at least 1/8 cup for a 15 oz can)
cinnamon, to taste (I just add enough to see a good distribution in the apple sauce, my guess would be at least 1 tsp per 15 oz can)

Combine ingredients and heat on the stove. Be careful because as the applesauce gets heated it tends to spit from the pan. Heat until nice and heat all the way through. Enjoy!

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